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I'm Neox, a rowdy Canuck from Chilliwack, British Columbia. I'm a bigtime fun-loving guy who loves to entertain himself with all sorts of things ranging from art, music, writing and gaming to camping, hiking, bodybuilding, and working maintenance in manufacturing and industry.

I stumbled across the furry community in 2003, when I began obsessing over dragons and found myself drawing them all the time. One thing led to another led to the internet and then BAM - Neox the platinum-scaled anthropomorphic dragon was born. It carried a little further than that, though: I found myself drawn towards my character as if he were more than just an avatar. This, coupled with me being at the age of self-discovery and lots of teenage turmoil, brought to me the concept of being otherkin. I was quite impressionable at the time, and my beliefs have changed a lot since then, but I never quite grew out of feeling like Neox and his draconic identity are a big part of who I am.

So with all that aside, I hope you can enjoy the various media I share in my gallery. I love comments and critique on my work; but most of all, I love knowing that I've inspired imagination and creativity in others. I invite you to approach me openly, ask me questions, and be unafraid to get to know me, if you so choose. I'm not a mean, snappy artist, and don't let the big, angry dragon face scare you!

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I currently have 5/10 slots filled.

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Detailed/Shaded Colour

Base Price. Varies with complexity.
$ 100.00

Pencil/Digital Sketch

Base Price. Varies with complexity.
$ 30.00

Realistic/Textured Digital Painting

Base Price. Varies with complexity.
$ 200.00

Simple Colour

Base Price. Varies with complexity.
$ 80.00

Traditional/Digital Ink

Base Price. Varies with complexity.
$ 50.00

Updated March 15, 2015

Before asking for a commission from me, please read and fully understand my Commission Information. Price examples, terms and conditions, and "do's/don'ts" can be found there.



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    Hey, thanks for the comment! Glad you like my art @u@

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    And thank you for the follow! I like your profile name :)

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    Thank you so much for the follow! I'm actually more active on deviantArt, so feel free to check me out there too. ;)

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    Hah! nope, it doesn't, but I giggle about that now and again :D "Havoc Raptor"

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    Hey are you going to Vancoufur?