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Neox / 31 / Male / Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Sometimes
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Commissions Open

I currently have 5/10 slots filled. Recently updated and posted my Commission Information.

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Commission Information

This journal is solely to display information regarding my commission prices, guidelines, and "Dos and Don'ts." All general information regarding me being a commissioned artist should be found here. If something you feel should be here is not, leave it as a comment and I shall update this journal i…

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2 years

So, 2 years after joining this site, I'm finally making a journal entry. XD I plan on utilizing this site a lot more. I'm trying to migrate away from FA without just dropping the mic and walking out (though I want to: that site is nothing but a pain in the ass these days). Expect to see more activi…

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Upload Complete

Holy fucking shit. It took me 5 days to upload all my crap and here it is. Thanks to everyone for the new watches and fav's/comments received. I'm glad my work can be appreciated by others and I hope I can continue to please. <3 Thank you to my friend, for getting me here in the first place, and to…

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Art Dump Activated

Ok, I figure since this site is so comprehensive, I will go ahead and upload all of my works from 2004 up to current (which I haven't done on any art site, ever.) Bear with me while I smear my page with at least a hundred images, starting with my oldest collected works. Grab a coffee and strap your…