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This journal is solely to display information regarding my commission prices, guidelines, and "Dos and Don'ts." All general information regarding me being a commissioned artist should be found here. If something you feel should be here is not, leave it as a comment and I shall update this journal if I feel it is relevant. Commission status updates will be posted on separate journals and/or in my profile info. If you're querying for the status of your commission, please do not comment on this journal; send me a note or post something in my most recent commission status journal.


__I do not base my prices conventionally like most other artists. Most artists have a base price ($20 sketches, $40 ink, $60 flat colour, etc) and add things like extra character (+$10), background (+$20). I don't do this. I talk to the commissioner and make a quote based on what I feel the level of difficulty and complexity is, and it is negotiable for the most part. That means when I appraise your description and give you a quote, you have every right to tell me that you think I'm gouging you and I should knock a few bucks off. Just remember that I also reserve the right to say that I feel like I'm being ripped off for the amount of effort I'm about to put into a drawing, so hence why I say prices are negotiable.

Here is a list of pictures to which I have given estimates based on how much time and effort were put into them. The prices are links, so go ahead and clicky clicky!

$30-50 Pencil sketch/digital sketch. Simple level of complexity. No colour. No ink.
$50 Pencil sketch/digital sketch. Simple complexity. Simple shading.
$80 Pencil sketch/digital sketch. Moderate complexity. Moderate shading.
$80 Digital ink and colour. Simple complexity. Simple colour (no textures, minor effort put into the shading).
$120 Digital ink and colour. Moderate complexity. Photomanipulated background.
$150 Digital ink and colour. High/moderate complexity.
$200 Digital ink and colour. High complexity.
$250NSFW Digital ink and colour. High complexity. No background.
$400NSFW Full digital. High complexity, background, full page, high resolution. Many hours of meticulous work put into this.
$500NSFW Full digital. High complexity, background, full page, HD. Lots of research and study on natural environments, textures, etc. Created own texture brushes specifically for this image. Scales drawn and shaded by hand.

These are just "ballpark" figures. Prices will vary on every drawing and with every commissioner. All prices in US dollars.


__As an artist, I feel it's important to push my boundaries and try new things all the time. I will try my best to achieve whatever it is the commissioner asks of me, whether it be a species I've never drawn before or I'm not used to drawing, or a particular theme I'm not familiar with. I try to be versatile and I like learning new things. That being said, I will not draw just anything. Below is a list of themes I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT force my hand to create depictions of. I highly recommend you scan through this list before asking me to draw anything fetish-related, because I will not even consider it as an option if you were to ask me to include it in your commission. It doesn't mean I'll bite your head off for asking, but I will give you a court "No," and that will be that. Do not make an attempt to pry me with begging or bribery, it will not end nicely for anyone.


-Characters/copyrighted material owned by other artists/individuals (unless I get the OWNER'S personal, written permission)
-Cub fetish (Includes diaper and all related material)
-Gore fetish (Includes castration, mutilation, etc)*
-Scornful, slanderous images depicted against another person and/or their character
-Vore of any sort (Hard, soft, anal, etc)*

This list will be updated as I recall/encounter more themes that I feel should be added.

*Depending on the nature of the image, I have been known to accept these particular themes when done in a surrealistic, psychologically-twisted fashion. At this point, they serve less as a fetish and more of a dark, heavy, mindfuck image, and I'm perfectly okay with that. This is something that I will have to decide when the idea is presented to me, however.

As a rule of thumb: I become heavily uninspired to draw anything that is physically ridiculous and impossible. I don't mean things like... 600lb dragons managing to fly with tiny wingalings; I do mean things like a 6' tall character with a 20' long dick, or a tiny, lithe character somehow managing to fit said 20' dick up his/her ass. If I find myself shaking my head at the concept, there's a good chance I won't draw it. I like realism, even in a fantasy world such as furries and dragons. Please keep this in mind.

ANY CONTENT INVOLVING MY CHARACTERS: As a rule, I'm going to say that Neox is completely OFF LIMITS in any sexually explicit scene, and any scene that I deem inappropriate. This doesn't mean I can't decide to make exceptions, but I'd rather not have people approaching me and asking me to have their character drawn in an intimate scene with me. If you ask, I will decline. Simply put. Other characters of mine may be used, just not Neox.


__If you decide you want something drawn by me, best thing to do is send me a note. I check my galleries several times a day. I will reserve the commission slot for you so that nobody else can bump in front, even if you end up deciding you don't want it later.

After a couple messages back and forth, once I've decided how your picture will be drawn, I will give you a quote. You may choose to try and haggle me down, (or haggle me up, hell, I won't complain =P), and after a price is negotiated, I'll draw a very rough preliminary sketch. Once you see this sketch, you may want to re-negotiate the price. Once a price is agreed upon, and I begin the actual production, this price becomes locked-in and I will not allow it to be lowered, and I will not make any attempt to raise it. I will ask for 50% down via PayPal before I begin the finished product. Only after I have procured the finished creation will I ask for the remaining 50%. I will send you a low-resolution image, proving I have finished it and that it's ready. Once I've received the full payment, I'll send you the full-resolution picture via email. I will not transfer funds from PayPal to my bank account until the transaction is completed, just in case I need to refund you.

Keep in mind: I don't do deadlines. At all. If you want a picture done by a certain date, you better ask me MONTHS in advance if you have any hope of having it by the date you want it, otherwise you'll be S.O.L.


__Ultimately, my goal here is to indulge peoples' fantasies and make others happy. I like creating things that please others, even if I'm mostly doing it for my own entertainment. That being said, there are many things I will not agree to draw, for whatever reason. I EXPECT people to respect my wishes when it comes to what I will/will not draw. It's not that I have anything personal against you if I decline a commission idea. If I try to force myself to draw something that I don't like, I can guarantee you that it will come out looking like shit, it will take for ever to finish (if I finish it at all) and you'll be able to tell that I simply did not give a damn while I was working on it. I won't feel good about it, you will feel ripped-off for paying me to do it, and nobody will be happy, therefore, I appreciate that people respect my standpoint on the matter and don't try to manipulate me into doing something I don't want to do.

I work for a living. My job is eight hours a day, five days a week, and I hit the gym for an hour and a half every day after work. My weekends are when I get most things done, and even then, I set aside a lot of time for myself to hang out with friends and relax. Your commission might not get finished in a day, a week, or even a month. Also, if you pay for an extremely detailed, complex image--and someone, a few days later, commissions me for a quick $20 sketch--don't freak out if you see that person's image finished before yours. I will take my time and focus some intense detail on your drawing to make it as badass as possible, but I will also deviate from drawing to drawing to keep myself from getting bored or exhausted with one piece of work. I will try to prioritize as best I can, but if you want the best bang for your buck, let me crank out a few quick drawings just to keep my hand and brain from getting sore. It is perfectly okay to note/email me and ask how your commission is doing. I will always be happy to save a quick .jpg of your image and send it to you.

If I show you a WIP of your commission and you aren't happy with parts of it, DO NOT HESITATE TO TELL ME. The whole point of me showing you WIPs is to make sure that I'm doing things correctly. Feel free to get a bit picky when it comes to details of your character or specific pieces of the scene, but please try to be lenient on elements that are clearly a result of my own personal style and technique. I will most definitely try to make adjustments if I mis-interpreted details like your character's markings, build/body type, etc. But if you're telling me that you don't like how rough the line-work is, I might just tell you to fly a kite. You are commissioning ME. You CHOSE me because you like the style and elements in my gallery. If you expect me to bend over backwards to make super-clean line-art and shading like some other artist does it, I'll just refund you your full amount paid and tell you to go find someone else to do it the way you want it. Nuff said.

I'm big on keeping an open line of communication. I have several IM services, email, etc, for getting information about your commission and keeping you up to speed on how it's going. I ask that my commissioners do everything they can to keep checking their messages so that I can hurry and have their commission finished as soon as I can, and that means responding to my queries in a timely fashion.

At the end of the day, I want to please those who enjoy my artwork while having a bit of fun, myself. I think of myself as a very reasonable person and I encourage others to behave similarly. I look forward to working on bringing your ideas to life and getting to know a few of you in the process. Being a nice person goes a long way with me, (it includes discounts!) and you can bet I'll show you the same respect and gratitude.

Thank you.


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15 February 2015 at 11:57:58 MST

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