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~Imagination is the greatest tool I have, with out it I'd be nothing~

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[EXTREMELY IMPORTANT] A few major updates!!

Good evening friends, fans, followers, fox like people, and other adjectives beginning with F!

Im going to jump right into the points as some things have changed.

1. The crutial and most important part, my family is doing okay. Mom a few days back ran into a hard metal door at work, this caused a concussion. As you saw in my other journal the concussion was escalating.
I became overwhelmed, angry, afraid, guilty, and that is because like the wolf I created, I am loyal to my pack to the core. No matter the bumps bruises fights etc. I was loyal when my little sister neared the point of fear because of an incident with one of her friends, and we are stronger than ever now (She took me to WWE Monday Night Raw on the 23rd with her bf, she HATES Wrestling, whats that tell ya ;) ) However what this also that actions that I have trouble believing I couldnt prevent, advise, etc, are going to hit me harder than any other words across all spoken languages. Fights may occur, anger may happen, but no matter what, I will NEVER back down from a loved one.....

...So when my mother was hurt. It came crashing down...Since then thanks to the honest truths of some, the kind facts of others, and the genuine show of care and support from all of you whom did anything you could to heal my heart, to something as arguably small as simply asking, "Hey whats up." In my book, thats hope, thats people who care, that has saved my life numerous times in the past.

With that lift to my spirit, I began immediately making changes, I am working and talking to my mother's place of work to get advice on how to best help her recover. My sister and I have joined forces as siblings for the care and consideration of our parent. I am even coping better with the situations I have at my real job.

2. With things starting to balance as we near closer and closer towards the end of the year, I have been tinkering and toying with a few new ideas and projects for the sake of keeping things entertained for you guys and myself.

Look up.

What you see at the top of the header are 3 faces. FOR EVERY JOURNAL I MAKE; Updates, Stream Announcements, Possible requests, or Commissions. I want you all to do me a favor. I want you all to look to the three artists I am showcasing there, and I want you to show them some love.
-A favorite piece.
-A +Watch
-A +Follow
-A Shout.

These are just a starting example. What it shows though, is it shows the power and ability of being able to lift an artist's spirit about their craft and I'll be damned if I dont atleast try to put a dent in the monstrous boulder that is artist's self esteem.

The other two projects in my head and actually starting to get put onto paper, I will only reveal their summaries;

1. A free Constructive/Professional level Critique and Construction Stream.

**2. A sequence piece critiquing "Sins of an Artist" Commissioners arent the only ones with flaws that can pop up when doing business. Artists can too, and certain artists can risk going unchecked due to popularity. **

....Not anymore. :)

This is my update for the moment, thank you all again so much, and to quote good ole Philly D.franco. I love yo faces.

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