Want a custom made patches/shirts? Well look no further.

Transfer Commissions:


I am more than willing to make a custom patch for any aspiring for one. Just send me a note with a reference image you want me to make into a patch. Include the dimensions you wish for the patch to be (ie. 3 inches wide by 5 inches tall, etc.) and whether or not you want it to be iron on (you will have to iron it on to the final surface), Velcro backed (For tactical vest, hats, tac vets, etc.), or just leave it bare so that you can sew it on. I can also do basic T-Shirt decals too.


Patches: $5-$10 (Depending on the size and difficulty of the patch) and shipping

T-Shirts: $10-$17 (Depending on the size and difficulty of the patch) and shipping

Backing/patch types:

I can back your patches one of three ways. It can be iron on backed, Velcro backed, or just leave it plain (so that you can sew it on).

Production time:

Assuming that I am not flooded with requests (which I doubt I ever will be) you can expect your patch to be shipped within a 10 days of order placement.

Designs I will do:

Logos, Con badges, characters, symbols, random pics, etc. Pretty much everything but the stuff listed below.

Designs I will not do:

Anything that I feel is pornographic, etc. If you are unsure feel free to ask.

*Please note that none of my patches/shirts are stitched or embroidered. That takes special machinery and can cost hell of a lot for just one or two custom made patches/shirts*

About me:

Simply put I'm not a furry, and I don't have a fursona.

This may seem kinda counter intuitive seeing as how I'm on this site, and how I know of the fandom. Long story short, I found about the fandom through a friend that came out as a furry. I do appreciate the furry fandom and enjoy observing it/interacting with it, despite the fact that I'm not a fur myself.

Personal Info:

Favorite Bands: Sabaton, Iron Maiden, Metallica, 5 Finger Death Punch, Hammer Fall, Iced Earth, Queen, and much more from many different bands/genres

Favorite things to shoot: AKs, VEPRs,ARs, 1911s, almost anything I can get my hands on... :D

Sex: Male

Orientation: Straight

Birthday: October 13, 1992

Favorite Sport/team: Hockey/New York Islanders

Religion: Catholic

Politics: Conservative Libertarian


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That moment when one your favorite artist likes your art...

on 27 February 2013 at 15:46:10 MST

I am ecstatic!

So apparently :icon lapres: actually likes my art (why I have no idea :P). I asked her in stream if she would like some fan art from me. I showed her an example and she loves my "art style" and what I do. I am just excited as hell :D

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