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Hello there, I am internet sensation Incineraptor and I draw things! I imagine you're reading this box because you wanted to know more about me, so I'll get right to that whole talking-about-myself thing.

I am currently 23 and have been drawing ever since I was 3. I won a coloring contest and the guy who gave me my prize asked if I had ever considered making my own pictures. Like the total WINNER I definitely was, I replied "no, that's stupid." AND HERE WE ARE.

Currently my tools of the trade are a Cintiq 22HD, Clip Studio Paint Pro, and an incredibly charming personality.

I've been doing art seriously for about 5-6 years now, and I have been doing freelance commissions for 5 of those. Here is my art blog that I linked at the top of this blurb just in case you forgot or got distracted by the rest of my delightful charisma. I more regularly post updates and link to my Livestream there when I am doing those! You should come to them, I'm practically a comedian.

Latest Journal

Commissions closed!

I have a FAIRLY SIZEABLE backlog of work to get through now (THANKS, COMICS) so I’m gonna shut down for a bit while I work through them all. Thanks to everyone who commissioned me and I’m sorry some of them have taken so long, I’ll try my best to get them done ASAP. ヽ(・∀・ )ノ You're all angels. kees

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    Oh, you do have a weasyl already. XD

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    Awesome art :3

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    Raptor! yo man!

    glad to see you on here!

    cant wait for more of your art

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    *w* Oh raptor I am such a huge fan I just love all your expressions.

    Thank you for being so awesome.

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      Aww, thanks puddin', but it is you that is the awesome one! Keep bein' super beautiful :]

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    <3 Your art is awesome! You have a DA or FA i can also follow you on?

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      I do! My dA is Raptorbane though I hardly ever update it and my FA is "Toros" but it is just a commissions only account. :] Best places to follow my work are here or my art tumblr: !