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Hi there! I like to make things with my paws. Mostly drawing and sewing. :3 If you enjoy what you see here and want something custom, please contact me! My commission queue can be found HERE. Be sure to check out my shops for tshirts and other fun goodies!

I'll be attending FWA, FurTheMore, Confuzzled, and Megaplex in 2016.

I'm easy going, down to earth, appreciate a fun sense of humor and I like to think I'm a pretty good friend. :3 I like to meet new folks, though please do not get offended if I forget your name... my brain is full of furballs. I don't spend a lot of time on any messengers so notes or comments are probably the best way to communicate with me. Please don't hesitate to contact me about anything!


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Kitt Brie

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Temporary Sort of Hiatus?

on 29 March 2017 at 10:42:03 MDT

Hey! We're buying a house and moving in like 2 weeks! Things are nuts around here and it's gonna get worse before it gets better, so I'll only be taking small scale commissions and sewing is completely on hold til I get everything set back up and organized in my brand new craft room (with a door! So I can keep cats from knocking my thread on the floor and tangling it around all my table legs! And other fun cat shenanigans. Sorry kitties!)

So if you need something, give a shout, but if I disappear you know why. Looking forward to having things back to normal ASAP. And that craft room with a door XD

Oh! Almost forgot. I will be at FWA and hopefully doing some traditional media badges in Artist Alley. If you wanna order one before FWA to have it delivered there, let me know. Gonna keep my list short so I make sure I have time though! But if I tell you it will be done in time for the con IT WILL BE DONE ON TIME. I dun mess around with that ;D

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Conversation Heart Cuties

Conversation Heart Cuties
$ 5.00

Scrapbook Badges

Scrapbook Badges
$ 35.00

Telegram Stickers

Telegram Sticker (1)
$ 5.00


Conversation Heart Cuties :

Scrapbook Badges :

Telegram Stickers :

Digital artwork is generally done in Illustrator, so I can send you vector artwork if requested. I do not print or ship digital art unless stated or requested specifically and there will be an additional fee for that.

I use Chartpak AD markers, prismacolor pencils, and Staedler pens on all traditional media badges and artwork. Badges come laminated and are about 5" on the widest side, but vary piece to piece. Clips are not included. Price includes shipping within the continental US for traditional artwork. Additional shipping charges may apply otherwise.


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