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Hello and welcome on my Weasyl page. I am Kinaj.
I am a young artist from Germany, here to show off my art and meet new people.
If you like furry art, feral and anthro, but also humans, scifi and other strange stuff, then you might like this place :3
If you just want to talk, you can always send me a note. I am always happy to meet new people with similar interests x3[/color]

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!! All my characters are made with heart and care. They are a part of me and mean a lot to me. Don´t use them without my permission. Even for giftart. It´s a nice gesture, but I feel better like that.

Also find me on Furaffinity,Furiffic, Inkbunny, Sofurry and Furry Network.
I also have a Twitter where I additionally upload WIPs, sketches and other nonsense. Plus I can involve you better there. For the same purposes I also have a Telegram Channel.

If you have any interests in Requests, YCHs, Commissions or else from me,
firstly read through my Terms of Service first.
Here you can find my Commission Information about open commission slots, prices, etc.

Put this on your profile info if you roleplay. !!!!! I appreciate every interest in my characters, but unfortunatelly, neither now nor in the forseeable future I am on the look out for new rp partners !!!!

The F-List of my Sona. I have many more characters you can see there!


Fur Affinity

Latest Journal

Update time!

Hey there!

First of all, I am sorry for the long silence! The past months and year(s) probably. There have been some concerns. I really appreciate that, but I can say that I am alright over all!
The past months sure have been very difficult in my personal life and while my art motivation has been a bit difficult back then already, the past months it's been taken on an extra holding. Things are easing up again overall, but there is still university and stuff going on. Overall I am just doing very hard to find the motivation/energy to sit down and draw. But hey! I at least found more joy in video games again, but I guess they do their part in keeping me from doing art as well. It's easy joy. Although I guess that's good joy in these times. However, I am working on it. Drawing 10min a day or drawing one paw each day, stuff like that helped a lot in the past to actually find a groove again. But it's still difficult.

NOW, in other news, in June I've actually had my 6th anniversary. 6 years of me being on FA and 6 years of me being Kinaj!
What all can you look forward to from here? A bunch and nothing. Bunch of plans, I don't know what I will even finish x3
I am still wor....having that comic with Jess and Tamara in my mind! And a bunch of other stuff. Smaller pictures and bigger pictures. AND there is going to be an ANIMATION!!!! A part of it is actually animated in sketch form and it looks...quite ok x3

This and other stuff you can of course see on my Twitter( or Telegram Channel( Dumping all my smaller stuff there, if I have any. Plus WIPs and other random stuff. Dumb retweets on Twitter, too. Take a look!

Got some free days now and I hope I can get some stuff out, but we will see. Gonna have to take some relaxing, too! Got to take care of those evergrowing inboxes >.>'

In any way, I am still around, just a bit slow and silent!

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    May I have a request i just curious and sorry

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      No problem, but sorry, currently not really up for requests for the most part.

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    Thanks. Thayla was inspired by one of my goldens. I lost her this year but she will live on as Goldie.

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      Naw, so sorry for your loss. But this is a nice way to keep her memory alive I think!

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    Thanks for watching.

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      No problem.

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    you have some interesting ideas here,i shall follow you so i can see more of them <3