Hello and welcome on my Weasyl page. I am Kinaj.
I am a young artist from Germany, here to show off my art and meet new people.
If you like furry art, feral and anthro, but also humans, scifi and other strange stuff, then you might like this place :3
If you just want to talk, you can always send me a note. I am always happy to meet new people with similar interests x3[/color]

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!! All my characters are made with heart and care. They are a part of me and mean a lot to me. Don´t use them without my permission. Even for giftart. It´s a nice gesture, but I feel better like that.

Also find me on Furaffinity,Furiffic, Inkbunny, Sofurry and Furry Network.
I also have a Twitter where I additionally upload WIPs, sketches and other nonsense. Plus I can involve you better there. For the same purposes I also have a Telegram Channel.

If you have any interests in Requests, YCHs, Commissions or else from me,
firstly read through my Terms of Service first.
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2019 -> 2020 (Reviews, Previews, Happy New Year)

on 8 January 2020 at 14:34:11 MST

First of all, a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Alright, been postponing to write this journal for a bit, but now it's the time. Now that we are through with Happy New Year, let's move on to Reviews. I've made this journal already last year. Let's see what I've written down and what I actually did:

-start another AtC: Didn't do that. But that's ok. Plans changed. I am not pursuing that as much at the moment.
-draw more Nick, more Jess: That's a bit difficult considering how I've drawn this year. But at least with Jess I should have been successful.
-finish all the projects i open up every time I start sai: I kind of did that...and then not. Finished some of the pieces, some I abandoned a bit more, some are no projects, but just canvases I open just in case. Nope, no, that didn't really work out.
-more of my less drawn characters: I did that! I did that very much thanks to Vixel's weekly word prompts!
-finish the sketch phase for the comic I work on: That seemed to work well at the beginning of the year. Sketched out the first pages, but then it all came to an halt >.<
-at least one refsheet: Nope. But at least I also didn't create any more characters >.>
-more designing for the background stuff for Nick's world: I did that a little, but then I also left that aside again >.<

But apart of these things I did also other things. First of all I've created my own TELEGRAM CHANNEL. Just a place where I can dump less complete pictures, sketches and other nonsense I would only upload to Twitter. Link for both below this journal(or on my user page)!
And then I've also joined Vixel's Discord ( and started doing these weekly prompts. And it was great! Really, I did so much art and could exercise and experiment and tell some stories I usually wouldn't tell :D And then it took too much time from my other art >.> Couldn't hold doing it every week, but did it most weeks and might do the ones I left out. I also might start them again, now that they are monthly this year. We will see. But that brings us now to the current year!

Alright, 2020. Probably like 2019, but the number has that futuristic touch~

What can you expect from me this year?
-First of all: I wanna finish the christmas art >.<
Hmm, but what else will there be?
-I guess I wanna pick up on my art productivity again. I've been slacking a lot, often because I just couldn't wrap my head around art and often it would push me away cause of how unsuccessful it seemd. The first part of 2019 I've been fairly well, but then it all broke down, a lot because of this. SO I guess part of this goal, I wanna take art more relaxed again and tone down the perfectionism maybe if possible.
But other goals?
-I know, let's try finishing the sketch phase for the Jess and Tamara comic. At least add some more pages!
-I wanna [b]finish the planing phase for a comic I work on with headhunter**
-I wanna try animating. Something more fun. I also got CSP last year, so I wanna make use of that. Nothing big, just some sketching and animating.
-Let's try that ref sheet again. Got a bunch of characters to make them for :P
-Hmm, what else, maybe, but only maybe pick up on the prompts again and finish the pending ones from last year!
-if I can cram it in, some more world building for Nick's world.
-Oh right, I also have a huge ton of gift art to upload ^^'

Not sure what else there will be. We will see I guess. Wanna get some things out there first and then I gonna try and do what's fun! Keeping away from dead lines.

Guess that's it for now! Definitelly gonna try to bring out more art here again. Or at least some smaller stuff again hinds at the Telegram Channel :9

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    Thanks. Thayla was inspired by one of my goldens. I lost her this year but she will live on as Goldie.

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      Naw, so sorry for your loss. But this is a nice way to keep her memory alive I think!

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    Thanks for watching.

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    you have some interesting ideas here,i shall follow you so i can see more of them <3

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      Thank you very much. Gonna keep them interesting ;3

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    Thank You for the Watch!