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[AT] Blue Crescent by KI-Fennec

[AT] Blue Crescent


My half of an art trade for Senki at SketchersUnited!

Sorry it took so long. It took a while to get the cel shading right as I was trying a new technique. Kiara was pretty fun to draw, especially with her wings and ears! Kinda reminds me of one of my older characters Mindrite. 

Anyways, hope you enjoy it!

Character belongs to Senki@ SketchersUnited

Art by Kai.Fennec.Arts

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    This looks really good--I like the shading and the setting of darkness on it! :)

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      Decided to try a new technique with cel shading and it went well! 😄

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        You’re most welcome! :)

        I’m glad! :D

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    it looks really pretty! ^-^

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      Why thank you! 😁

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        no problemo! ^w^