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[AT]Chillin' By The Riverside by KI-Fennec

[AT]Chillin' By The Riverside


23 September 2021 at 22:15:55 MDT

 “Looks like he’s inviting you over to hangout and chill with him, maybe even catch some fish.”

2 of 2 Full body pieces for trade done for Captanrex911/Sorcerermickey911, featuring their OC Mombo The Wickerbeast. 

I think this turned out ok, but it’s really been ages since I’ve done shading, so I gave it my best. First time I’ve drawn a wickerbeast and Spoilers, I have one in the works at the moment! I kinda have a thing for original species characters as they’re really unique most of the time. 

Mombo is one of those examples of a pretty awesome character design imo. Idk why but his colors kind of reminds me of one level on Psychonauts where you’re in this painter’s mind with the black and neon accents. Also, green is one of my favorite colors and it really pops out on Mombo!

Anyways, I hope Captanrex911/Sorcerermickey911 and the rest of you enjoy this piece!

Credits: Art: Kai.Fennec.Arts 

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    This looks really good—it’s a nice pose done well. :)

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      Thanks for the comment!

      I wanted to go for a more cool vibe on this, and I think it turned out well too!

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        You’re very welcome! :D

        I think so, too. :)