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artist tile: ash nest by keirajo

artist tile: ash nest


13 May 2015 at 07:25:14 MDT

I got a pack of 4"x4" artist tile with a package of Bristol paper I'd purchased some time back. When I draw small...sometimes I'm good, sometimes it could be better, sometimes it's a fail. Because the paper's fairly thick vellum Bristol it eats markers fast--so I colored the batch of these that I did with my "background markers" (my off-brands like Artist's Loft and The Fine Touch), mainly. There's 10 Pokemon-themed ones in all...I'll only post one per day. :)

A tiny Larvesta making a soft and cozy nest out of volcanic ash. :)

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/GameFreak.

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    awesome :3

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      Thanks! And thanks for the fave, too! :)

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        no problem! you deserve it :3 <3

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    cute bugs doing cute things always gets me :D

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      Bug Pokemon can be so adorable! :D

      I always think of Larvesta as a baby, no matter how high it's level is, cause it's so fuzzy!

      And thanks so much! :)

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    Nice work, very neat. I might have done some lighter greens on the background to liven it up?

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      Yeah...I wasn't prepared for how dark the green turned out. Artist Loft has one labelled a lighter, olive green (which was this marker), but on the paper it turned out really dark. That's the worst part about not buying the higher end markers like Copics...the colors aren't always what the cap labels them as. chuckle

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        Mmm I can see how that is a problem, not something I come across with digital work.

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          The unpredictability of reality! laughs

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    Hehe, adorable ! ouo

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