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artist tile: mr. grumpypants by keirajo

artist tile: mr. grumpypants


14 May 2015 at 10:27:16 MDT

I got a pack of 4"x4" artist tile with a package of Bristol paper I'd purchased some time back. When I draw small...sometimes I'm good, sometimes it could be better, sometimes it's a fail. Because the paper's fairly thick vellum Bristol it eats markers fast--so I colored the batch of these that I did with my "background markers" (my off-brands like Artist's Loft and The Fine Touch), mainly. There's 10 Pokemon-themed ones in all...I'll only post one per day. :)

Cobalion's expression makes me think it is eternally angry. XD

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/GameFreak.

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    He looks very stalwart! :3

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      Yes he does! His type is Fighting and Steel, so I imagine he is quite strong! :D

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    Aw, mini Cobalian <3 I've always like his design and eternally grumpy expression lol

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      I have a chibi plush of Cobalion! :D

      He seems like the most serious of the trio...probably the guy in charge of things with the Sacred Sword users! ;)

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    This guy gave me a lot of trouble catching him, but it was well worth it. He's my favorite of the swords of justice.

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      I think I had the most trouble with Terrakion (did I spell that right................?), I have difficulty trying NOT to KO the rock-types. laughs I love the colors on Cobalion, very nice and very mellow colors. He's my favorite, I told Kilo above, I have a chibi Cobalion "Pokemon Center" plush. :)