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Hi there! :3 I am 20 years old and currently living in California. I am a fun, kind, understanding and bubbly person who loves making new friends and getting to know more about the friends that I met in the past years. Even though I barely have close friends I can talk to ^^'. I get pretty protective and motherly by some and have a furious nature when friends and family are threaten or hurt in some way. My hobbies or interests are mostly drawing and reading stories. The most precious thing to me, is my family and friends. I was a student at a community college, working on my AA degree.But since I barely have money to go to school. I am taking a quarter off for the time being. My major is still going to be graphic design with a dash of business hoping to find out what I want to do with myself that utilizes my love of art and aesthetics. I am really good at drawing and some would say that I am a pretty good artist as well. I love listening to my friends and helping them the best I can when they are having trouble. I love making people smile or laugh, being a bit perverse, helping out my friends and family, giving affection to the people I care about.


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Serval Kitty Jade

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Merry Fucking Christmas Everybody!

on 25 December 2013 at 19:54:45 MST

Christmas supposed to be the time of merriment and spending time together. We only enjoyed Christmas for about a hour before we all put everything away not only that. When i just got hungry again, my grandma started saying about shit about my weight. Really? She saying how my arms are bigger and my face look like a young lady but when i turn around i look like a old granny… who say that to their own grandchild… especially on Christmas day?. She been ridiculing me ever since I moved back in with her and my aunt. I am tired of this. I know I am fat i know when ever i take a picture with my family i am ten times bigger than them. But why they treat me like a fucking disease. Why cant they love me for who I am…?

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