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Justin -- Canadian -- Traditional Artist -- Music Composer -- March 26th.

  • All characters drawn/present are of legal age (18+). Exceptions (if any) will be specified.

DISCLAIMER: My content (especially spoken) is NOT politically correct, and by extension, is not suitable for underage, impressionable, nor sensitive and sanctimonious audiences. While I won't hesitate to cuss or be coarse, I'm not an edgelord just asking to be suspended. Know the difference.

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Update: Posting Old-to-Recent Human Artwork (some NSFW) + Music

Despite using Weasyl for 5 years up to this point, it's only NOW that I realized I can upload my music here, and human artwork that is Not-Safe-for-Work in material or not, either solely or in sexual interactions with anthropomorphic characters... or not.

This opens the opportunity to post the artwork that I've had on file for years of the human iteration of my characters Sukanku and Elizabeth without having to directly and persistently notify those who weren't anticipating such content from me with the mass legacy-uploading I'll be doing later in the afternoon, today.

They'll be tagged accordingly, so if Weasyl has a functioning blacklist system, then feel free to dodge clear of "human". If there isn't, consider this a heads-up warning that I'll be posting my smutty human artwork from all these years ago leading up to now, and only one the most recent of them will have a notification bump to get across that I make this kind of stuff, too. And since... admittedly, those are better-artistically executed.

If this completely disinterests anyone from following my account anymore, I understand. So long as it's not taken personally.

As for moving onward, I only have so many ideas of human-themed (/NSFW) artwork with/without anthro interaction, so while I can certainly breathe easier knowing this is an open-slate option I can entertain if I'm so inclined... human-involved artwork by me will still only be drawn once in a blue moon. So, we'll see.

Back to music, I can selectively post my songs/singles from time to time to fill in any month-long pauses, to introduce those following to my music in a more convenient means (although I already anticipate not much interest in it since the genres/styles I compose in are unpopular to common denominated preference, and the majority of the following on sites tends to come for artwork/porn, not music. But this is in the rare case of anyone curious or willing to give my music content a fair listen. You never know...), and/or to highlight anything important like discography completions with a track from each one with a link to its full tracklist in the description. That last specific task will be tended to much later in my life, however.

And considering Weasyl doesn't downsize the cover artwork like most other sites, this would prove useful for works like 'Stalemate': a vent art piece with a classical piano song by the same name respectively composed to wholly express its forlorn sentiments together, as best intended. Alongside this, another great potential I realized is that I could couple comics/stories with respective audio to complete the conveyance of what is presented. Only broad ideas of what could benefit from this come to mind, but are not certain, so this is another instance where the potential option is there for future reference, but we'll have to see if anything comes of it.

That's all, for now. If there are any questions you'd like to ask, don't forget to.

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    you should draw some new navel penetration on female furries

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    Heya, I really dig your art and your music. Keep it up, yeah?

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    hello, fellow fictional character obsessor.

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    I am totally pickin' up what you are puttin' down, my good sir. 300% behind this. You clearly have actual skill with your medium AND you have relevant kink interests. It is rare that I come across an artist that I follow so readily, because oh heck yes, I am having ALL of this. <3