Justin -- Canadian -- Traditional Artist -- Music Composer -- Certified Asshole.

"I don't care about being popular or monetizing. I just want to make stuff without anything ruining my mood like people being snide asshats, having my content be solely treated as hateboner fuel, and committing what is -- by definition, harassment.

But if I want to avoid any of these deterring factors... I have to, firstly, stop caring about them.

Secondly, I just have to be clear with dismissing interactions I'm not interested in being subjected to. It's as simple as telling someone to leave you alone.

And finally... I have to move on. If I don't, my life and progress will seem frozen until further notice due to priority being tossed at people who don't deserve it."

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Should I continue posting my art?

on 11 June 2018 at 11:23:33 MDT

Shit hasn't been going well for me at all. What a surprise, I know, but demotivation has been so deprived to post here because it really feels like no one wants me here.
But, screw it. I have my art ready and I'll just keep my tagging simple. Do you guys (or, whoever the hell is even here anymore) want me to continue posting ALL of my art (including my other SFW/Original stuff)?

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    hello, fellow fictional character obsessor.

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    I am totally pickin' up what you are puttin' down, my good sir. 300% behind this. You clearly have actual skill with your medium AND you have relevant kink interests. It is rare that I come across an artist that I follow so readily, because oh heck yes, I am having ALL of this. <3