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"I don't care about being popular or monetizing [e.g. like on YouTube]. I just want to make stuff without anything ruining my mood like people being snide asshats, having my content be solely treated as hateboner fuel, and committing what is -- by definition, harassment.

But if I want to avoid any of these deterring factors... I have to, firstly, stop caring about them.

Secondly, I just have to be clear with dismissing interactions I'm not interested in being subjected to. It's as simple as telling someone to leave you alone.

And finally... I have to move on. If I don't, my life and progress will seem frozen until further notice due to priority being tossed at people who don't deserve it."

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Obligatory Update For Absence

on 3 July 2020 at 12:59:46 MDT

Where have I been and how am I? I don't want to keep you guys around for too long because you all have things to do, so I'll keep it in bullet-point.



  • Decided to address the commission inquiries to get those that have approached asking me out of the way.
  • Juggling music work.
  • A family mishap caused deep mortification for the rest of the month.


  • Graduation ceremony.
  • Hired for a commission from the local school board which took until December.
  • Music work continued.
  • Continued commission work + got dumped a x4 private commission set.
  • Made a large work-related purchase with intense regret that demotivated me from doing jack all. That one will be explained MUCH later. Like, 2021+ later.


  • Was depressed for a good while because of the last point said in November.
  • Finished school board commission.
  • Music work crunch time.
  • Scriptwriting work.


  • Family relationship issues, but resolved.
  • Made a new album.
  • Catching up on music work.
  • Art asset work + archiving.
  • Continued commission work. However, I sat on it because I wasn't sure I did a good job.
  • Scriptwriting work.


  • Video collaboration project that took a fraction of February.
  • Continued commission work and sent in bulk. Only one left, now, because it was more difficult than originally anticipated, hence why it took so long to finish.
  • Music + scriptwriting work.


  • A 2-slot commission run begins.
  • Important music work/archiving completed + art asset work.
  • COVID-19 Pandemic reached Canada and got me depressed again = dampened motivation to work.
  • REFUND ALERT! Wow, couldn't've seen THAT one coming. I finished the commission, the recipient's happy. Crisis Averted.
  • BIRTHDAY ALERT-fuck off, who cares.
  • REFUND ALERT! The private commissioner is reforming his attraction to eproctophilia and so he wants his money back. However, the drawings have been completed since last month. I simply forgot to share them. I was called a retard over it, so that was fun.


  • 2 commissions done and a bonus for the short run.
  • Music + not as much scriptwork.
  • Spring is here, and so is the heat and bugs. General work output/drive begins to slow down.


  • More commissions completed, only one left.
  • Music work here and there, but this month was hazy.
  • Family issues. ...Again.
  • Toxic neighbor moved out, finally, thank God.


  • Final commission complete, all of them were posted; everyone's happy, moving on.
  • Nothing else past the usual load of work, and struggling to do it because, again, summer & bugs coming at the house in swarms.


All commissions have been completed across all platforms. Once again, I solemnly apologize for the unprecedented wait time to receive what was ordered.

I've caught up on posting all of my artwork on all platforms, and so posting should continue at my pace and discretion, which is, admittingly, inconsistent.


Commissions... Will I be opening them in the future? Possibly -- emphasis on possibly. Why not a solid "yes"? I'm a busy individual who has a lot of personal work to catch up on, which includes self-improvement of the psyche.

What I mean by that is, if I'm being blunt, I started to hate doing art for a good while, so I wanted to try to see what could help me enjoy it again which was drawing whatever I wanted and having the free space to do so and not out of obligation (including the darker art, which was something I've meant to do for the longest time but never had a real chance to. If it weren't for me being a one-man industry of cute fuckable animal things, I would've done that more).

Is it working? I mean, I wish I could draw more, so I think so. It just sucks that summer's bringing my momentum in getting used to drawing often to a painful crawl, so I'm doing my best to strategize in accordance to the weather.

The point of this is to say I like having the time to myself to work on my things, more. And when I'm open for commissions OFFICIALLY, you can, then, go buckwild in asking what you want of me within reason.

The off-time is any time where it's closed, so while you can send a message inquiring on it and I could reserve you a slot... I can only do that so much before it ends up becoming a run that happens at a time where I'm not ready, like the timespan during October's run.

I hope you understand where I'm coming from. Hopefully, that should cover everything, but if there are any questions you'd like to ask, don't forget to.

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    Heya, I really dig your art and your music. Keep it up, yeah?

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    hello, fellow fictional character obsessor.

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    I am totally pickin' up what you are puttin' down, my good sir. 300% behind this. You clearly have actual skill with your medium AND you have relevant kink interests. It is rare that I come across an artist that I follow so readily, because oh heck yes, I am having ALL of this. <3