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(Read Desc.) Destroyer of Vices, from Ego by Jusu-Tengu

(Read Desc.) Destroyer of Vices, from Ego



For those not in the know... The Swastika is a religious/culturally significant symbol that's been around since the dawn of civilizations; for thousands of years, and it can be found across the world in many variations, respectively... It is a symbol ubiquitously recognized as a sign of luck (auspiciousness), well-being, success, and virtue by eradicating vice -- as intended to depict in this drawing. And for the most part, it is recognized as such to this day in the world of the East.

It is a good symbol that was used to represent terrible purposes, most notably by Adolph Hitler and his Nazi Regime for the 25 years it was adopted (1920-1945).

And yet, 77+ years later... The majority of the Western/English worlds' populace perpetuate the swastika's distorted definition -- that, now, -- it represents hatred and a call for genocide... And this malarkey is persisted with no hesitation nor consideration of the symbol's prior history: using offendedness, emotional baggage, social ostracism, the mere existence of what are now vocal minorities being treated as a boolean (meaning if there's even one maligned user of the Swastika, the symbol is still evil), and personal anecdotes validating such upset sentiments, as justification.

Now more than ever, this symbol of goodwill is a beacon to be martyred. An edgelord's pride flag. Its history/intention of good means nothing in the face of evil, because it -- forever-now, -- is evil, "end of discussion", so it goes...

I refuse to subscribe to this slander.

That being said... Don't take this drawing personally.
Don't misconstrue this to mean I condone/support Fascism nor Nazism.
And don't lose it.

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