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Justin.FM / Québec, Canada

Commissions: Closed
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''Hey, Justin! Zootopia+ is coming out tomorrow-''

Yes... I am very well-aware. I will collect my thoughts on what most-intrigues me of the show, when the time comes. ...Well, for those small few that do care of what I think, anyway -- realistically speaking. At most, I'll just say that it, honestly, sucks that I wasn't able to get all of the Fru F…

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Update: Posting Old-to-Recent Human Artwork (some NSFW) + Music

Despite using Weasyl for 5 years up to this point, it's only NOW that I realized I can upload my music here, and human artwork that is Not-Safe-for-Work in material or not, either solely or in sexual interactions with anthropomorphic characters... or not. This opens the opportunity to post the artw…

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Obligatory Update For Absence

Where have I been and how am I? I don't want to keep you guys around for too long because you all have things to do, so I'll keep it in bullet-point. ✿恥✿ OCTOBER: Decided to address the commission inquiries to get those that have approached asking me out of the way. Juggling music work. A family mi…