John does not fall under the classification of normal Sergal and I'll explain why. So when John was ordinary person and lived a simple life is not remarkable teenager, along with his brother Ivan. Like a storm that comes on suddenly, their city was infected with an unknown infection, which gave the name of "The Nightmare". Unlike conventional infection, she had a unique property, it sneaks into the very depths of human consciousness and transformed them into creatures of their secret nightmares. Unfortunately, almost ninety percent of infected scrip went instantly and turned into a berserker, attacking and killing everything that moves. Like other residents, John and Ivan did not escape the terrible fate. John received the bite of an infected, but Ivan has not revealed how he was infected. Two brothers, through the immense pain began to change, John became a Sergal and Ivan in Lucario, but they were lucky to go in the top ten percent, which left his mind and did not leave scrip. With renewed energy, they got to the source of infection and successfully destroyed it. While other people have returned to their normal appearance, due to the proximity to the source of John's body and Ivan have been enormous impact of infection and remained unchanged their new guise. - My brother.



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Free ideas for Ash Ketchum drawings.

on 27 April 2018 at 18:10:49 MDT

Here you can share your different ideas, with the participation of Ash Ketchum. Accept and sexual ideas with such fetishes as: transformation, transgender, sissy, femboy, bimbo, mind control, latex, bondage, forced and different of your choice.
Also you can suggest interaction of Ash with furry characters from games and anime and manga and cartoons such as: digimon, star fox, wolf link, sly cooper and others that you offer.
For people who wrote in the past Journal, your ideas were thought out and written into a book. Thank you.

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