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Hello everyone! My name is Eugeniy and I draw all kinds of things do you and my taste. I do not draw what I do not like it. I want to warn, I use a translator. Birthday 29 May. If you are interested. If you want to talk, I do not mind. Discord : JohnSergal#3516
Commission information:
1)Sketch - 15 $
2)Mature sketch - 18 $
3)Comic sketch - 20 $
4)Mature comic sketch - 23 $
5)Color work - 38$
6)Color mature work - 42$
7)Color comic work - 50 $
8)Color mature comic work - 61$
9)Color Ref work - 68 $
10)Hard work (YCH)
Text - 3$
+1 character - 10$(my characters -5$)



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Vote for the idea that will be drawn

This is the second stage. Choose the idea that you like that will be drawn. Voting will last one idea starting today.
Your ideas:
1)How about Karen,Red and Fem/Mike with Karen on top reverse cowboy position on Red with Fem/Mike holding Karen's face into her crotch eating Fem/Mikes pussy? Alternately What about the big lizard statue taking Rose doggystyle with one clawed hand squeezing one of her breasts pulling her off one hand from all fours rough and passionate? Hey she's got to keep the thing under control and happy somehow!
2)Well i'd like to suggest Natani Zen loving incest in the missionary position please.
3)I've always thought there would be interesting possibilities with those dimensional bandages Natani uses to hide his breasts. Like, perhaps that same material gets woven into his underwear and somebody discovers the other end of it. He's embarrassed of course, but that traitorous lady body of his is enjoying the attention too much for him to try and put a stop to all this. Bonus points if the person on the other end is completely innocent and they're just trying to figure out what the deal is with this weird piece of cloth they found.
4)I'd like to see some Zen x Keith
5)Natani teasing bound Keith by licking his paws
6)I have always been a fan of gender bender/shifting, aka bastian black magic. Perhaps something along the lines of Trace going female tiger, with him and Flora being enslaved together by another character (Keith/Natani/Eric/Zen/Mrs.Nibbly/whoever) for some naughtiness lol

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