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Regarding commissions and Patreon

I've been focusing on the Patreon rewards lately. It already completed one year of my Patreon announcement and in September it will complete one year of working on the Patreon rewards every month. To be honest, I never thought I would be able to work "like a normal person", monthly, in a stable manner, with art. But surprisingly enough, Patreon helped me a lot with that =)

That said... I won't be open for commissions in the foreseeable future.

If you want a drawing from me, keep an eye for Patreon openings. But I must warn you that the drawings I do for my patrons are not like my regular commissions; They're more wing-it style, giving me artistic freedom to draw whatever I feel like it's fitting for the character you've provided me.

I know many of you wanted some Telegram stickers or reference sheets, things that I do not provide via Patreon. I usually don't have enough energy to work on those things + the regular Patreon rewards, but if I ever feel like working with those things, my patrons will have priority, regardless of their tiers. I have a Discord server ( that I use to keep in touch with patrons, btw, making communication much faster and easier =)

Please don't send me any more messages asking about commissions. If we already talked about a commission before this journal, check my queue ( and you might see your request there.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding <3
Hope you're all safe and doing well as best as possible during these times.

TL;DR: I won't be open for commissions in the foreseeable future. If you want a drawing from me, please consider becoming a patron:

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Full colored
$ 100.00


Basic reference sheet
$ 100.00
Detailed reference sheet
$ 200.00


Flat colors
$ 40.00
Refined lines
$ 25.00

Please, before contacting me regarding commissions, I politely ask you to read my ToS:

Here's a base price list, just so you know an approximated value of the commission you're looking for:

If after reading the terms of service and checking the prices you still wish to commission me, please, feel free to send me a note or contact me in any of those other places listed below! =)

Places outside Weasyl where you can contact me:

Telegram - FlamSinger
Twitter -
Tumblr -
FurAffinity -
DeviantART -
Furry Network -

Current commission queue:

Kalemendrax's character design
Morghus' drawing
Wyrdra's drawing

If you want to tip or donate, please do so here:
Thank you very much!



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