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Amongst the Boughs by Caelan (critique requested)

Amongst the Boughs (critique requested)


22 September 2015 at 18:23:18 MDT

One of the breakthroughs I've had in my current mentorship has been the realization that art actually benefits from being as self-indulgent as possible. There are a lot of aspects of this piece that are things I've wanted to do in a painting for a while, but never got around to actually doing before.

I'm actually planning to really change up a lot of this painting when I have more time on my hands, but for now, I figured I'd post this finished version. But be sure to follow my Tumblr, Twitter and/or Instagram for more progress shots! Links for such are below.



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    You're absolutely right about art benefiting from self-indulgence. If you force yourself to only make art some way that you think you should make art but don't enjoy, you might end up drawing less, or just learning less while drawing because you aren't feeling it. If you play to your interests and desires, art will be way more exciting and you'll learn more even if you don't do just the "right" thing!

    Also, this looks great. Proof that self-indulgence pays off!

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      Yeah, it took me much too long to realize that! Though I think in part, I had some personal growth to make before I could come to that realization-- I have a history of self-editing my interests too much out of fear for being judged, which is silly, but an old defense. So to see how fast letting go of that has positively impacted my art is really wonderful!

      And thank you, I appreciate it!!

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        Oh gosh I had the same problem when I was younger, honestly. I was so illogically ashamed of so much good stuff that I liked! It's good that we're finally learning to just roll with our interests and have some fun. I also like to think that by indulging our interests, our passion shows through better, and might inspire others to do the same and enjoy themselves too!! It's good all around!

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          YEP, shame is definitely the word I was thinking of but didn't say! But wow, it is a tough thing to get over, because judging yourself before you give anyone else the opportunity to do so feels safe... but it actually winds up limiting you in so many ways. I'm both glad to hear that my experience is not solitary in this, and that you have found a way to overcome it as well!

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    Oh my, this is gorgeous. I absolutely adore the composition and color scheme you've chosen for this work.

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      Thank you so much! <33

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    Beautiful colors! I love the mood of this illustration! <3

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      Thank you! Mood is a big focus of mine so I'm glad you enjoy it <3