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Zeroblood done

on 11 December 2016 at 13:01:16 MST

Finally! My 10th nano novel, Zeroblood, is finished. While I managed to get 50000 words in 30 days, I started the story a day early and finished the story over a week late. Seems like when the month runs out, so does the magic! But a little at a time, I came up with the conclusion.

This one was a very important one for me. Across all ten of my attempts at Nano, I was trying to express something that was gnawing at me. Trying to overcome a deep fear, trying to understand a strange and hostile cultural movement, trying to figure out exactly what I was saying and who I wanted to say it to. In this novel, I finally confronted it head-on. I am deeply satisfied.

I've also figured out what I'm going to do with all these drafts sitting here on my computer. I've been too lazy to revise and polish any of it in novel form. It seemed like a giant undertaking, not unlike doing a thesis, one where I'm not sure the end result would be very satisfying to me or others. BUT! I think at least one of these stories out of my most previous six is destined for a graphic novel adaptation. That sounds tons more fun. :D So I'll probably be poking around, organizing, concept-arting... we'll see where this goes!

Like any of my Nano attempts it's got more plot holes than swiss cheese in a shooting gallery, but you can read it or download a copy from here if you're interested. After the new year, I'll take it down.

Some character sketches:

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