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Liran's Ascent by Caelan

Liran's Ascent


I really wanted to do a piece that offers some peek into the characters and world of Firebloods. I’m still deciding how much I want to say or withhold about the story, but I think this illustration is a good introduction to Liran, here.
Liran is a divisive figure, and someone who could be called visionary in some of his ideas and approaches– though whether that brings good or bad depends on who you are. Though others have attempted in the past, he’s the first person to successfully ‘tame’ dragons, which he sees as a way to advance how people live and to diminish the importance of national borders, as he is anti-empire, having been a refugee of war at an early age. He might also argue that domesticating dragons is the only way to save them from being hunted by humans. Liran has a penchant for seeing the hidden potential in people who are down and out, and his habit of bringing these individuals into his care has gained him a small band of loyal comrades who believe in his cause.
Still, whether dragons can truly be restrained on a larger scale remains to be seen– and whether Liran’s idea of creating a 'people unbound by borders’ is humanitarian or anarchistic is yet up for debate as well…



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    opens mouth, gapes This is beautiful! I love the landscape, the work on the dragon(such a cute fuzzy butt!) and just the entire feel of the peice. Id love to read this story!

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      Oh gosh, thank you so much!! Whenever anyone expresses interest in the story or world it just completely makes my week, so I appreciate the comment <3 Hopefully it will not take too many years for me to get everything written and started on publishing!

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        I feel ya on that! Getting everything down and to the point where you're happy is so hard ;-;

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    This is fantastic and fascinating! You're just making me wanna do more of my own illustrations for my own story, though I am already extremely intrigued with yours, just with this little snippet. I do hope you share more, even if it's just in tiny bits and pieces!

    Also the lighting through those wings is just..... too perfect, oh my good lord.

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      Oh gosh, thank you so much!! <3 I do hope you do more illustrations for your story, having a finished, polished image of your own headworld is such a good feeling.

      And I'm so glad to hear you find my Firebloods snippets interesting, thank you for saying so! Working on it is pretty much my main drive, so I do hope to have more to show in time. :)