Moonrise by Caelan



25 August 2015 at 19:33:51 MDT

I can't bring myself to do fanart of something unless I really, really love it... nothing against fanart other folks do, I just I choosy in what I want to paint! Well, I really, really love Legend of Zelda, and Majora's Mask especially has SUCH neat imagery. I was psyched about the re-release about a year or two in advance, when it was still just speculation, and it was really cool to see it come to fruition!

Anyway, I actually finished this painting... several months back? But had some minor edits to get around to, and then I forgot to actually post it, so uh... here you are!



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    Yay. Gread zelda fanart.

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      Thank you! :}

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      Thanks so much!! <3

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    Finally someone draws that battle as epic as it felt.