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Updating Patreon to tip Jar.

on 26 September 2019 at 13:10:54 MDT

For the past couple of months, I have had my patreon set to charge per post, and not at the end of the month like most people. This was because, at the time, I was having some issues getting patreon request done. School was really intense, and I had to spend most of my time getting work for it done. I also was struggling to get much work done when I did manage to work on owed stuff. Combined, this made patreon request extremely stressful as I often would end up having them build-up, as I couldn't get each one done before the next month rolled around.

However, now I have a lot more time, and I think I can manage to keep getting enough work done to where owed content doesn't get backed up. However, because this change has only recently happened, I don't want to rock the boat till I am 100% sure I could manage doing patreon request alongside commissions and personal art. So I am going to temporarily revert my patreon to a tip jar while I judge what I am capable of now. When the time comes I feel I can manage patreon request again, I will be reverting it back and we can start them up again.

To those who have pledged to my patreon, I will be changing it back to charging per month starting the first of October (So it shouldn't start charging again till September). If you do not want to keep your pledge due to this change, please unplege soon so you don't get charged. However, for those who would like to show their support, you can find my patreon in the link below. Just keep in mind that as a tip jar, my patreon will merely be a way for those who want to show their support to do so. You won't get anything from it at this time. When the time comes where I will change my patreon back to a request format, I will make another journal letting you all know in advance. Thank you in advance to all those who decide to show their support.

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