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Announcement: New Project, My Next Phase

on 5 June 2018 at 10:06:12 MDT

I might as well make this official. I have finally decided to do something I have been sitting on forever. It's finally time.

I have always wanted to do something more with the stories and characters I have created. I don't make all these mutant OCs and story concepts for nothing. However, I have always been hesitant to do anything more than just creating concepts.

I have had this want to do more ever since I joined Deviant art. However, back then my art wasn't really all that great, and I knew it. The prospect of doing something big and expansive was too daunting for me to give it a shot. Any attempt I might have given ended up quickly falling to the wayside. So instead, I focused on what I could do, and what I loved: Brainstorming ideas and making character Concepts.

As my art grew though, The feelings of doubt in my skills never went away. No matter how good I got, I still felt like I wasn't good enough to do more than I already was. It didn't help that while I didn't want to actually tell the story I was creating, I still kept adding to the concepts. Soon the story I wanted to tell was too big. Even if I did get good enough, The prospect of formulating the narrative and building a story out of all the lore I wanted to tell was too much for me.

Now cut back to the present. I have grown a lot as an artist, and my growth has given me a lot of confidence in my skills. I feel that if I wanted too, I could really do something special with my narrative. However, the daunting amount of lore is still an issue, so while I could do something with the likes of Stacy, Amber, and the rest of my mutant universe OCs, It's still VERY intimidating. I still don't feel like those stories are ready to tell.

...However, With the creation of Gargoyle Girl, I unwittingly gave me an out to this problem. While she is part of my mutant universe, She was made to be self-contained enough where the vast amounts of lore In the universe can take a back-seat, and I can focus more on the narrative of her and the characters she works with. She removes a huge hurdle that was in my way, and so, with that hurdle gone, I feel its time I got off my lazy ass and did the thing I set out to do all those years ago.

So as you might have gathered, I am finally going to make a webcomic. It's going to be hard, and I know that I still won't be able to make it exactly as I had planned. But there will never be a time when I am 100% on taking the big leap. Even if the comic starts off in a less than ideal place, That is the beauty of the medium. You see growth as the story progresses. I may not be making what I want now, but as I grow and become more skilled, The comic I always dreamed of making will become a reality.

To be honest, I didn't this I'd be taking this jump with what is essentially a spin-off of the actual stories I want to tell, but this will be a chance for me to experiment with the medium and become comfortable with it. It will be the practice run of the mutant universe. Years from now, when I hopefully finish this comic, I'll have grown enough, and worked on my ideas enough, that I will be able to take the proper set into the mutant universe I always wanted to do.

This is going to be a challenge for sure. And knowing me, there are going to be a lot of times where things go off course. This is the first time I will be taking up such a huge art project, as well as telling such an expansive story. However, Over the years on my various art sites, I have made many friends that are willing to help me refine this story, and make it as good as I can. While I do expect some hiccups, I am hoping with the help of fellow content creators, and people who want to support me in my endeavors, I'll be able to make something that can be considered good by many. I am really excited for what this will bring, and I do hope that Everyone who follows me will also enjoy what I have to make! Thank you for listening, and be sure to keep an eye out, as BIG things will be happening VERY soon...

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