If you want to place me in a box... place me in the box crazy, random or weird, I'll fit in too much boxes otherwise...
I'm a girl who loves to:
game, write, read, attempt at art, loves to learn new stuff and is curious as hell.
You'd want to place me in the box geeky I get it...

But then this happens:
I love music, going out and fooling around, I love to sing, and love hanging out with my best friends and a birthday party or get-together really wouldn't be the same without drinking games followed by singstar... it's epic and crazy and I'm pretty good at it.
So it would be in the out of control party animal or whatever box you can come up with so...

Let's compromise and let's place it in weird, crazy and unusual shall we ;)


Fur Affinity
my art blog


Wall decoration

engraved A5 picture frame
€ 5.00
add  Background & Lots of shading/coloring
€ 5.00

Prices may vary depending on difficulty and hours I need to put in (will be agreed upon beforehand)


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    Thank you for following me~ I really appreciate it :3

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      No problem, I love your art, I hope I'll be able to do stuff like that. I'm always looking for new things to try out ^^
      Maybe the reason I don't excel at anything ^^

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        I disagree! Practice makes perfect, and trying out lots of art forms can help you improve creatively in all of them ^^ I dabble in lots of things myself. It takes a while, yes, but seeing yourself grow is the best part~

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          True, true, still looking at how talented some people are can be a little off-putting sometimes... especially when you're stuck in a writersblock AND an artblock.
          Guess I'll keep dabbling in stuff and find new things to try until my inspiration returns ^^
          Thanks though for the support and advice ;)

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    Thank you very much Jess! I hope you enjoy the gallery and find plenty more to look at.

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      Yeah, I went trough a darker period myself and honestly, I still usually like the darker art. So basicly, your gallery is already fun to look at for me, and with the amazing art skills you have it's next to perfect for me ^^
      I hope I can be half as talented as you someday ^^

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        Just remember that the learning curve is exponential. Once you break the initial point of beginner, the more time you put into it the skill climbs steeply. I worked on my art for almost my whole life but once you reach a certain point you start to get better faster.

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          Yeah, sadly enough I don't seem to break that point, I restart every friggin' time and get a few lucky shots XD
          Only difference is the style of drawing ^^