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Hi, I'm Mariposa, also known around as Kittrina or Lilyanora, but really just call me Mariposa :3

I'm a sculptor and jewelry maker mainly, though I dabble in digital and traditional media drawings sometimes. Most of my work is minimalist and whimsical, with a focus on bright colors.

While I study Creative Writing, don't expect to see any of my writings here. I keep that stuff super private but maybe if you're lucky you'll get a thing or two when I have time. Until then, its sculpted jewelry galore!

My main media of choice is polymer clay. I've been working with it since I was little, and it's stayed with me ever since. I only recently got into jewelry making, and into painting my sculptures but I'm improving everyday and hope to share my lovely creations with you all!

I do accept commissions. Just take a look around my etsy shop to get a general price range and then feel free to contact me either there or here. I do not make any mature or adult artwork so please do not ask.

Any of my personal characters belong to me and no one else! Do not use them in anything without my permission, including artwork, roleplaying, etc. All pictures of my work belong to me as well and are not to be used for anything. Do not claim my work as your own, and do not copy my designs with the intention of selling it.



Latest Journal

Hai...I'm back?

It's been difficult keeping so many places updated in my "post-grad oh cool I have a part time job now" life.


Though that does mean, I'm probably going to be clearing out 90% of my gallery to make room for nicer, cleaner, updated pictures of everything.

Hope you don't mind! I'll try to do it all gradually :3

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Dangle Tail Jewelry

Basic Dangle Tail
from $ 15.00
to $ 20.00
add  Sculpted Extras (hair, wings, etc)
from $ 2.00
to $ 5.00


from $ 5.00
to $ 8.00
from $ 10.00
to $ 16.00
Post Earrings
from $ 10.00
to $ 16.00
from $ 10.00
to $ 16.00
add  Cell Phone Charm Strap
$ 0.00
add  Charm Bracelets
$ 1.50
add  Earring Hooks
$ 0.00
add  Keychain
$ 1.00

Shipping & Handling

add  Charms, Earrings, Rings (International)
$ 6.50
add  Charms, Earrings, Rings (United States)
$ 2.50
add  Necklaces & Miniatures (International)
$ 7.00
add  Necklaces & Miniatures (United States)
$ 3.00

Prices vary based on the complexity of both the sculpture and painted details

I will not make anything Mature or Adult in nature

I will not sculpt any copyrighted characters/items/content

Sculpted items can take up to two weeks to complete



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    Thank you so much for Following me ^^ ♥

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    youre welcome, and btw, i have that same iron teapot you have. Wonderful investment as long as water isnt left in it :3

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      Oh cool! I love this teapot~ I got it on discount at a local general store, so it was waaaay worth it! Glad to see a fellow teapot lover around here :D

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        thats amazing that you found it there. I had to buy mine at World Market. Id say you got the smarter and better deal

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          Maybe. Certainly better than one of those $70 pots from Teavana or something o.o

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            I wonder when these became such a big craze. Ive been finding them and tea light burners to keep them warm all over the place recently as far as retail. And 70? Absurd price for a teapot considering economic averages. I mean, why settle for that when you can get an electric and plastic Krups water heater for a fraction of the price? I mean there's the craftsmanship, certainly, and the additional benefit of introducing iron into one's diet, but it just seems overpriced considering what the typical person can afford, esp for tea

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              I can understand the pricing. Good quality tea is an imported luxury and not easy to grow. Good teapots, kind of the same deal. It's a luxury, so they can up the price since you don't NEED it. It's expensive yes, but it's a very high quality item in the tea world, usually, so I suppose that's how businesses rationalize the price. I just like finding good steals. Found some cute teacups at a thrift store yesterday for $5. Found a huge japanese tea set for only $20 at a estate sale. I don't have the money to throw around on luxury goods like that, but if I can find it at a good price, hell yeah I will xD

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                I agree, and I wasnt meaning "you" as in you specifically, but ppl in general, and yeah, Im sort of the same way myself. The whole reason I even bought mine was because it had that artisan look to it, and I can definitely relate to having a few nice things, which is why I bought mine, The whole appeal of buying the kettle and the burner was the fact it prevented the tea from cooling off while being made from something decidedly more attractive and durable than white plastic or mere ceramic

                admittedly, it would be a nice thing to pass down to other people, not to mention functional without the use of electricity or modern convenience