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hello im jack!

i use they/them pronouns
i make cute art








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i aint dead yet


It's been a long while since I've ventured on to this site, or any other art site or app. I've been really distant from the art world for sometime, though I haven't stopped drawing. I still have doodle days, I just haven't really been up to sharing. I've been...going through things if you will.

Here's what I've been up to since I last posted here. I started a new career in the optical field, without even expecting to. I worked for one company for two years, earning my way up to being assistant manager of the clinic. It was a very fun, fast, albeit stressful job. I started working 35hrs a week and got up to 50hrs a week. This occupied the majority of my time. My stress level kept escalating, I moved back in with my mom, I went through a hard breakup, and I just kept working harder and faster. This ravaged my mental health, and just after my one year anniversary I applied for a new job.

I started working at a different, "more professional" optical clinic. This job has proved to be equally if not more stressful, yet I have adequately less hours. Enough to have a life again. I've started drawing more, a lot more, nothing big or fantastic but art nonetheless. I'm excited to come back in to the furry art community, and art communities in general. I hope I can maintain a slow yet more frequent posting schedule.

to those who remember me, hello again. for anyone who's new, hi!

Right now I'm focusing on making commission samples, at this point I want to work on badges, fashion illustration, and PWYW drawing commissions. not sure if anyone is interested besides me, but that's all that really matters.

if anyone is wanting to stay more current follow me on twitter @ jackadoki

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    Thank you for the fav!

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    Pretty cool stuff, your traditional work is pretty interesting to say the least.

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    Shshxbsgs thanks so much for following back you've got a really rad style ;ω; tosses love at ya rolling away

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      how could i not? youre are is so cute!!!!

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      lets' pretend that says "art"

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    Thanks for following! U wU Your stuff is adorable!