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You have stumbled across the elusive Hendikins. By day, a mild-mannered report... er, train guard. By night, a fuzzy little wolfox. These roles may be reversed from time to time. The wolfox is also an occasional camera wrangler.

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Want to use my photos? They're generally published under permissive licenses - see my Photo Licensing page for full details. License information is also supplied with all photos submitted to Weasyl.

Additionally, I generally do not accept friend requests from people that I have not known personally for an extended period of time. I don't post any friends-only stuff, so you're not missing anything anyway.



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Stepped Down from Staff

Per the title, I've stepped down from Weasyl staff. Just waiting for the account permissions to be removed at the time of writing.

It's purely for personal reasons - I'll continue to lurk on Gitter, but I won't be involved in day to day operations and it would be inappropriate to hold a staff title if I'm not pulling my weight.

It's been a blast working with the staff and community over the last 5 years, and I wish you all the best with whatever the future brings.


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    Hello!! I’d just like to drop this list of things I think would make Weasyl a little bit better than it already is. The site and layout are extremely relaxing and don’t burn holes in your eyes.

    But I’ve noticed a few things different and I decided to suggest them to you in case you were interested!!

    • when people put your icon/name down seeing it in your notifications.

    • adding online offline features

    • featuring comments (like highlighting)

    That’s basically it xD
    Thank you for reading!!

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    Thanks for the watch! <3

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    Thanks for the Follow!

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    I couldn't comment in the site update post so came over here to ask - will marketplace have a feedback/rating system for the artists so customers can have some previous commissioners experiences to go on before they buy? It would be super helpful!

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      Hi! We've got a thread on our forums for feedback about Marketplace. To answer the question, the initial version won't have this feature. We may consider it in future, but due to the nature of the community we'd have to tread carefully with it.

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    Herro! Just joined last night (this morning? lol) Thanks for making such an awesome site! I'm still figuring things out but I like what I see so far ^^ Have a great week!

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    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the follow darlin! <3

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    Thanks for watching!