You have stumbled across the elusive Hendikins. By day, a mild-mannered report... er, intercity train guard. By night, a fuzzy little wolfox. These roles may be reversed from time to time. The wolfox is also an occasional camera wrangler.

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Announcement Duty

on 17 December 2016 at 19:18:10 MST

Well, looks like it's my turn for announcement duty.

Keep an eye out - shouldn't be long now!

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    I couldn't comment in the site update post so came over here to ask - will marketplace have a feedback/rating system for the artists so customers can have some previous commissioners experiences to go on before they buy? It would be super helpful!

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      Hi! We've got a thread on our forums for feedback about Marketplace. To answer the question, the initial version won't have this feature. We may consider it in future, but due to the nature of the community we'd have to tread carefully with it.

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    Herro! Just joined last night (this morning? lol) Thanks for making such an awesome site! I'm still figuring things out but I like what I see so far ^^ Have a great week!

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    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the follow darlin! <3

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    Thanks for watching!

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    Should I be contacting you, or going to another mod? It looks like you're off till March 1st?

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    Thank you for the follow! ^^