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Thanks for all the comments and favs! I do appreciate each one even if I can't reply to every person, I do look through them all! :) Thanks for the support all these years. It is appreciated. ♥

Also a note on friend requests, I only add people I have talked to for a while and know a little about who they are. So please don't feel upset if I don't add you, it's nothing personal.

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Is there an import tool?

on 14 October 2017 at 19:33:28 MDT

Is there an import tool for Weasyl that I can import what I've posted to other sites? I have like a dozen things I'd like to post but... really don't want to have to fill out ALL the info on them again.

Oops my lazy is showing.... :'D

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    LOL your tumblr is... very special. :'D

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      Oh wow... uh I deleted my blog like two years ago under that name. I need to remove that. Holy crap.
      It's this now

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        Your name seemed familiar somehow but I rarely come here so I thought I might have seen you back when I had a tumblr... but if I did it probably didn't look that way at the time. :p

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      ... gawd I'm still reeling from clicking on that. I had no idea that took my old url.

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        and yet when someone links me to an account where they occasionally draw nsfw stuff the site goes all 'safe mode' and wants me to sign up lol. tumblr is a weird place.

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          It truly is... porn bots need to die in a fire. XD

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    Hi there! Thank you for the watch!