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My Name:

My name is General Bacon, your everyday neighborhood friendly feline! Haha not really, but really my name doesn't evolve around bacon! My name came from my dear stuffed animal cat named General Bacon, whom I have had since I was around five. I grew up loving military things, and he of course (and still does) sports his army uniform!

What in the world am I doing:

I just finished up college with a Bachelor's in Media Arts and Animation. I have created art for two apps on Apple and hope to continue app art in the future. I have moved away and I am building a house at the moment, so I am working on a farm and doing side jobs for my art in between that. It has been busy, but thanks to my wonderful boyfriend I have wifi here allowing me to continue with my art jobs. He is truly amazing and really deserves all the love in the world.

Who is General Bacon:

I really don't have much to say about myself other than I'm super friendly (online...bit introverted in person...but I don't bite...well not hard?) I'm super nerdy and love my cats! Oh and of course my three best friends who have supported me for far greater lengths than I ever imagined! So tossing my love out to you all! <3

Currently obsessing over:

Boyfriend!! WoW, LoTR/Hobbit, Futurama, gaming, and The Warriors series! (all lifelong obsessions.) Seriously they are my favorite things in the world...that are actually not living...well they are but in a different way....granted I obsess over anything really, I'm not picky those are just my favorites :D

Have a chill day! week! month! year! lifetime! Woooo!

Current plans: To finish up the cabin with my family and move in with my boyfriend wherever we decide to move. He is my life and inspiration for everything <3 I also hope to pursue Lisa Frank.

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Man am I lazy

on 3 June 2016 at 22:43:17 MDT

So I doubt people read this, but hey why the hell not!?

First off my life has been pretty chaotic, from finishing college, to deciding to move to build a cabin, to randomly falling in love with the best person in the entire world, to having awesome random art jobs on the side. Let me tell you this year has been crazy! I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world though, I have learned and gained so much in my life.

I will be opening an art shop (thanks to my soulmate for paying for my wifi like a turd) on Chicken Smoothie. Eventually I will get it up and running on DA, but alas I'm still a bit too busy for that much on my plate. I have like 20 pieces of art to upload, and I'm just like meh...I'm lazy...

I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of life with my art!

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      Of course friend, you have wonderful work <3