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arise of her guardian by Widdershins

arise of her guardian


23 February 2015 at 19:19:40 MST

Yes I know it is not finished - and it wont be I do not have time for it as I have several commissions to progress with also it was meant to be a relaxing small project I just overdid it.
Some of you may remember I streamed the progress from scratch yesterday before my net died on me, I continued it a little as you can see )

Was done for a friend whose stories I had fun reading and liked her idea of this entity, Mythal's Guardian dragon -

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    This is beautiful! I love the colours you used :D

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    That head is gorgeous!! So much detail.
    The background and atmosphere is beautiful too.
    I approve of all of it.

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    GOSH lovely lighting! Lovely everything! If you hadn't said it wasn't finished, I wouldn't have known. It's so nice-looking.

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    For not being finished, this is really good...probably wouldn't have thought that if you didn't say anything :)

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    Even if it's not finished it's still gorgeous, (I also thought it looked finished in the first place!) I think the thing that captures my attention the most about this is the nice toplighting

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    Absolutely wonderful! <3 Beautiful use of warm colors and great lighting