In the fading light by Nomax

In the fading light


2 June 2016 at 19:47:15 MDT

Commission done for Smokepaw on FA and one of his friends! Big thank you very much to both of them!

Actually really happy with this one! Smokepaw asked me to go in the direction of one of the other pictures he commissioned, keeping it very basic with a blurred background. It's an effect that i actually still quite like, however it doesn't work for every picture of course. Despite me liking it there isn't really much to say about it i guess,i just kinda like it as a whole, nothing specific that really sticks out there, just a nice allround package of niceness for me!

Characters of course belong to their respective owners!

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    Your bold lighting is always one of my favorite things about your work in addition to all the delightful textures and expressive brush strokes. I really like this piece!

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      Thank you very much! Yeah playing around with light is probably the single most fun thing to me about drawing, trying to find that middleground between looking almost fantastical while remaining believable and not appear like it's just set up meticulously for the picture.

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    I'm trying to think of something to say here that isn't just "Wow, this is stunning!"

    Wow, this is amazing! I really love the story this tells.

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      Thank you very much! Ironically enough there isn't really any actual story attached to it. Really the briefing waas just the two characters meeting up in some way. But that's what you do when you meet a friend out and about, you settle down somewhere for a while and just catch up for a while!

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    I love the warm light and the friendly expressions, it's a very inviting illustration!