Telis by Nomax



26 May 2016 at 16:36:08 MDT

Commission done for chances on FA , big shoutout there ! :)

And a very fun project to boot! I'm someone who quite enjoys old artwork, especially Rembrandt, and i of course it's pretty well known just how prevelent portrait paintings were during that time. It's not something i get to draw all too often so i was quite thrilled to have the idea offered to do a Portrait in the style you'd expect to see hanging in an old manor or a big castle.

The character portrayed is Telis, a Ratonga Paladin who had his home in the game Everquest 2 and Chances wanted something fitting to keep the memory alive there!

From a technical perspective this was a pretty straightforward painting, or at least i thought until i realized that, strangely enough, i really don't draw a lot of armor ! So i kinda had to figure that whole shiny metal thing out as best as i could as i went along.
Was quite surprised myself as i suddenly went "Wait... armor... how does any of this work?"

Once again a big thank you of course to Chances for the commission and all rights to the character of course stay with him and Daybreak studios respectively

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