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When you lose something important

on 15 October 2017 at 10:06:15 MDT

(First of all, excuse my english)
Sometime in your life you lost a penny, the remote control of your TV... a button or your keys. All that things get lost in a blink of an eye, you do not realize that you lost it until you need it.
Maybe you forget someone you met once, or you're bad at names... Also your legs fall sleep when you're sit on the toilet for too much time. Well...
My father, since 4-5 years ago more or less suffers from something in his brain. Doctors can do an exact prognosis about what he has. Something in the right side of his brain that messes with his left side of his body. Over the years the effects have been more accented and more obvious. He is losing the capability of talk, walk... can't coordinate his body correctly. Now he is losing speech. It's like look a campfire fade off so slowly and we don't know what to do anymore. He goes to a program in the hospital that helps him with movement exercises and puzzles... but it's getting worse and worse. He was a great athlete, he did Judo and pool jumps, you know from that tall trampolines. It's another person now, and just 54 years old. It's like he's in a force field imbued by a permanent state of Slow motion.
It's so sad looking him like this and is one of the reasons why I've been so inactive here and I delayed stuff. Again sorry for my horrible english but I'm forcing myself and doing my best to be more close to you guys and explain my situations and what I do and what's happening around me. I'm not the guy who spread his dramas or I announce that I'm sad and claiming for hugs or cheers. I always show a happy face. But the lack of contact and the language produced me more problems that I thought.
I was saving money for a cheap laptop to be able to draw anywhere with more privacy and keep the commissions go and eliminate any delay. But I want to use the money to buy a Wheelchair for my father. I... I just ask for a little help. I'm not used to do this but maybe if we can make his "maybe" last times in this world he will be happy. I know he will, he always is telling jokes and all that.

If you want to help:

My father and I we thank you so much.

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