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Hoy hoy all! This little weasylly outpost will mainly be for posting commissions, if you want to see any of my older art remind yourself to not forget to visit for all your dumb cartoon fetish needs.

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2018 Imagepack on sale now!

Here we are again! I've been at this for five years now, and that's half of my time on FA! I have something fun in mind to celebrate the decade, but in the meantime, you guys wanna see some wonky junk?
2018's yearly pack is on sale now! This includes everything I've posted in the past year, and even some secret arts never released otherwise! More than two hundred porns for just ten bucks, and if that's not enough for you, all four previous yearly packs are 66% off through next weekend!

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    Y U no post anymore art? I haven't heard from you since May!

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    Thank you for the fave!

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    Surprised you'd be interested in my colourings, but I'm glad you are!

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    You're a method man and you give no fucks. It's admirable.

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    Duuuude your icon.
    E-rotic is the best!