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Hoy hoy all! This little weasylly outpost will mainly be for posting commissions, if you want to see any of my older art remind yourself to not forget to visit for all your dumb cartoon fetish needs.

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New drawing pack live! Two years worth of art!

See, told you I'd be ready with a new imagepack this weekend! It's time for two years worth of new artwork, over two hundred files of freaky furry frivolity, including high resolution artwork and private, unreleased pieces! Push reality away for just a little while longer, only $10 admission. I think four cents a drawing is pretty decent, right? And if that's not cheap enough for you, the sale tradition continues, all previous packs half price for the next week.

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    Y U no post anymore art? I haven't heard from you since May!

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    Thank you for the fave!

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    Surprised you'd be interested in my colourings, but I'm glad you are!

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    You're a method man and you give no fucks. It's admirable.

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    Duuuude your icon.
    E-rotic is the best!