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Hello I'm Darkpheonix Creations and a self-taught plush artist from the UK who loves making characters come to life as plushies. Feel free to call me Fayt when chatting with me as it's what I like to go by online.

If you would like a price quote please sent me a note and fill out my commission form that can be found here and my price guide can be found here . If your on DA or FA you can also send me a note there as I'm more active on them two site.


Darkpheonix Creations
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Changing my username


I know I'm not very active on here but I wanted to let people know I've asked to change my username on here. I noticed when I was on the FAQ that you just need to email support about it, so I did. The reason I want to change it is so my name matches on all my art accounts. The only one that won match now is FA as I would have to make a new account on there so I'll be leaving that one with my old name. So once they are able to do it I'll be going by 'FaytsCreations' but people can call me Fayt for short. I lost interest in my old name years ago and this name fits me much better ^^.

I want to try become more active on here but I don't know if it will fully happen I'll see. I do have a huge backlog of things for posting here so I'l try start and upload things now and then.

Thanks to everyone who has followed me on here so far :)

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    your plushies look amazing! ^w^ as a fellow plushie maker, i'm interested in learning from you! i'm still kinda new btw :3

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      Hello and thank you. I'm not the best at explaining things but I can try help a little. Also if you have facebook yuo can join this group everyone is really helpful on there :)

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        i need go to back to facebook sometime :o i was curious how you do the face details so good!

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          ^^ For the eyes and mouths I use an embroidery machine and put the files I make on to it. For makings I just draw them on the pattern till I'm happy with them and then cut the fabric the same as the pattern.

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            oh i seee! thanks for the tips, i'm sure it'll help a ton! ^w^ also, i remember searching for a minky material but couldn't find any without bumps, do you know what kind the smooth one is? i couldn't find any in the past so i decided to use fleece instead

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              No problem. I see your from Scotland so you want to look up 'plush' fabric and not minky to find it here as they can't call it minky in the UK due to the name already in use by and ironing board cover company. The best UK site is plush addict but due to people panic buying it when lockdown started they ran out of most colours and only have a limited selection left more arrives.

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                ohh! i'll try that out, thanks! :D

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    Thanks for the fav!