Dr. Stone Senku by Fayts_Creations

Dr. Stone Senku


6 June 2020 at 06:53:52 MDT

I've wanted to make human plushies for a long time now and after watching Dr. Stone I had to make a plush of Senku. I've has this pattern in the works for years now testing, scrapping and improving it till I finally got it to the stage I'm happy with. The head had the most editing to it as after awhile I didn't like the head I had used on Catra so again I worked on changing it till I got what I have now.

I've done a few things on purpose with Senku like not hemming his clothing as I don't feel it's something he'd have done when making his clothing. I used printed minky for his hair as I thought it would be a good way to test using printed fabric. I didn't use spoonflower for his hair as I know another site to get it from but I also ordered some from Spoonflower so I can compare using the two. So yet I'll have a second Senku plush soon using the spoonflower minky.

The two bits of hair over his face aren't sewn in place but it stays nicely in the right place.

Senku is made from a short pile minky like fabric, shannon minky, printed minky and cotton. He's roughly 12 inches tall but 15 inches to the tip of hair hair with machine embroidery details.

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