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I like making fursuits and stuff

I love being helpful



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I am pretty certain someone on my queue had a halloween deadline. I didn't write it down! Note me.

After I get out all the halloween deadlines I'll get started on the rest of my queue, sorry for delays!

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    so glad to see you here! thanks for following me back!

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    Oh gosh that giant scarf in your icon!

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    thank you for the followback. ^.^ also in your icon are you wearing a doctor who scarf?

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      That it is! I knit the "Shada" scarf, the last incarnation of Tom Baker's scarf before he switched t the red one. It's 24 feet

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    thx for the fallow back!<3

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    Lol it's a photo edit of one of the fursuit heads I built. Super strange, but interesting eh? Thanks for the followback!

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    Thanks for being mine :) Saw one of your suits on the front page and was like :o someone I recognise! Hehe. It is nice here, I think I'll like it too once I find my way around. Needs more people. You might see your face in my gallery in the next few days, I'm going to upload my most recent stuff :) (derp, posted this on my own page first, lol).