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Just to make it clear, this is hikisquid! I decided that to be more cohesive, all of my art accounts should share my original nickname of Jennovazombie. I'm also on DeviantArt and Furaffinity.

You can call me hiki or jennova, whichever you prefer.

I sew, paint, and sometimes draw. I play lots of video games and computer games. I live with my awesomepants husband and we own a cornsnake named Stig. He's awesome too. I also own a kitty named Nora, she is a pretty lady and loves to nap.

Somewhere in this house there is another cat hiding. She's alright, and belongs to the homeowner. My fabrics get covered in fur though, so take that as an allergy warning!

Also I live off of peanut butter. Like, it's probably 50% or more of my diet. I loves me some peanut butter.


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Hello all, here's a rather jam packed update from me!


Bug-I have the kitty patterned out. Need to prototype it and make any necessary tweaks to the pattern, and then your little tuxie boy will be sewn as part of my "how to change patterns for markings" lesson.

Jake-I need to get posterboard to make your pattern on, and I will be making a basic dog+your guy to show altering with faux fur as well. :D

--If you want a plush featured in the classes, I am still taking discount commissions! PLEASE NOTE: The process of making them will be publicly documented and shared for educational purposes. Your character/design will remain yours and you will still get your plush, but these will take a bit longer since I will be documenting the entire process.

SO, yep there's a little bit of waiting involved for both of these. Luckily, I should be able to get posterboard on Wednesday, and then I have to do some pattern testing (let me know if any of you want to test a beginner/intermediate/advanced sewing pattern! I'll send you a copy, you just have to make the plush according to pattern and give feedback and a pic or two!) and research into making PDFs and then the classes will begin!

ALSO premades: I need to make several for this class, to show off patterns and different techniques and such. These plushies will be for sale, would it be better for me to list them up before classes begin, as I go, or afterwards? Classes are free, and there will be free patterns shared, but I will also have a couple for sale and would like to sell some of the plushies made as well. I will also be making props!

ANOTHER QUESTION: Would you all like it if I put premades up in Etsy? I still have lots of leftovers from when I did a lot of craft shows, and maybe having a set shop would be better for those wishing to buy something from me. Please let me know!

By the way, doctor visit on the 12th. Hopefully good news, this is the big one where they discuss what treatments I will be getting. <3

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    Thanks for faving art of my newest, as-of-yet-unnamed character! I will be working out her name and such soon x3

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    Thanks for the fav on this! ^w^

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    Hey thanks for the favorite! <3

    Also, I adore your stuff

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    Thank you for the follow! :)

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