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23|genderfluid|cancer|multi-artist|mated for life

Hello there! My name is Wolico and I am a toxic freak hound! I am the TOXIC FREAK OF NATURE!!!!! As a furry I am EXTREMELY social! I consider anyone I talk to and hang out with at cons a good friend :) I enjoy hanging with friends and always making new ones! My little pack family is slowly growing<3 I am an aspiring artist who hopes to one day be a professional illustrator! :D I will draw just about anything and everything! Some of my other favorite hobbies are fursuiting, playing video games, listening to good music, raving,painting, nature walks, puzzles, playing with animals, and kayaking. I also enjoy attending to large events such as concerts raves and various conventions!

Commission Info is under construction! To inquire about commissions simply PM me here or the best way to get a hold of me is through Telegram @ Wolico

Everything you see here is made by myself (unless otherwise stated in submission information) and nothing is to be used or redistributed without my permission. Please respect the owners of the characters and me as the artist thank you.

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Haha hey guys! Uhhhh long time no see! Sorry I’ve been super busy with life ;; to save you all from paragraphs of a sad sappy story let’s just say 2018 has not been my year... e-e

I’m doing a lot better though and I’m making a lot of changes with my business and myself as an artist! One thing is that I am stepping away from fursuit making and putting all of my focus on art! I am going to be expanding myself beyond just furry stuff and start creating businesses in other markets! I have a lot of plans and it’s going to take time and a lot of hard work but I’m super enthusiastic to get things going! ^^

Sorry for the art flood! I didn’t realize my gallery was so empty and outdated.. so I already fixed that and filled it with all the new stuff I’ve been working on!

I also have some YCHs for sale right now so please check them out!

I hope you all are doing good and I hope to keep this page updated more often! ^^ Thanks again for sticking with me this has been very rough!

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