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Open for commissions!

on 19 May 2015 at 20:17:42 MDT

Well, the slave auction didn't quite go as I had expected it to, which is not an entirely bad thing. It got some gears in my head turning and I was able to actually hammer a few things out that were floating in the back of my head for a little bit and mull over what my next plan of action should be.

Right now, I'm still very short on funds to get to Anthrocon. While I've taken care of registration, I still need to get hotels, travel and nourishment expenses taken care of. I thought of making a separate type of commission that concentrates more on paying for time rather than content. I'd charge an hourly rate and within that hour, I can either get one detailed idea out or multiple simple ideas. I dunno, something to think about, I suppose.

For right now, though I'm going to open up for normal commissions!

Commission info can be found HERE ---->

I'll be opening 10 slots at a time.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know via notes! ^^

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    Thanks for followin'! Hope you enjoy the gallery. :)

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      If I didn't enjoy it I wouldn't be watchin' XP

      Keep up the great work, man!

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        True 'nuf. And I'll try!

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    Oh wow, thanks for watchinng. I did not expect that!

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      Just lookin for all the cool peeps from FA. I think I like it here on weasyl =3

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        I'm cool? o///o

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          Anyone who can DM has my infinite respect =3

          That and you've got a knack for animating ^^