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I'll write some nice words here very soon~

Check back here later~ :D


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All Caught Up!

Hello one and all! :D

Those of you who have been following me, I sincerely apologize for the few floods of art coming in on this account, but you can rest easy now knowing that I am done flooding your inbox for the time being! :3

Now that I am done though you will find that I have uploaded almost everything from my accounts over on FA, including the stuff from my old account, making this one technically more complete than my current one on FA... Not that that really means anything. XD

For those of you who are only just now finding me here, well, welcome~ I will be doing my best to keep this account up to date! I primarily post on FA, but with some of the issues FA has been having of late, I thought it might be a good plan to keep my gallery up to date on a second site~

That said, if you don't watch me on furaffinity, I do encourage you to do so. I check that site more often in general for messages and such, though I might switch back and forth as far as those things are concerned~ = w=

But yes, Welcome everyone! :D

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      MAR MAR MAR!~

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    wiggle waggle

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    You got some really cute Omnom works <3

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      Oh! Thanks a bunch! :D

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        Hehe you're very very welcome :3

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    Your art really is amazing! ♫