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My name full name is Tenke Shiro. and I'm a wolf, fox mix; a Folf. I go by so many names: Tenke, Folf, Folfy. I'm very friendly, though a little shy at the beginning. :$) heh. I'm an avid nature lover, often wishing that i could be a fox wandering around doing Fox things. If you'd like to get to know me, drop me a line, I'm always up for conversation.

I'm a very big into writing, and have quite a collection of stories going and many more ideas floating around in my head. I'm quite a romanticist when it comes to my stories. I write as much as I hold the inspiration. I do some art, little pieces here or there. My work here is going to be clean works, Although I have a library of adult stories on my SoFurry page which you can find here:
Tenke's SoFurry!

Uhhmm, well i think that's everything about me. If I forgot anything, I'm sure it'll come up sometime soon. Well Until next time.


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I do on occasion accept requests and commissions If you want either, Please don't hesitate to ask if you are interested, and keep an eye out for any journal updates.

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Dragon's Legend And Updates

on 29 April 2021 at 22:25:50 MDT

Hellos everyone!
So I've been Away for a long while. Been dealing with work and well this it's more than well known by this time. But That doesn't mean i haven't been working on stories, Slow and steady. I've got a rewrite of my longest Series yet. My Dragon's Legend (Gift) Is getting a re-vamp and So I'll in order to keep things cleared out and/or organized, I plan on deleting the Chapters I have here, so that I can start absolutely fresh with it online. I will take breaks from doing it here and here to clear out the folder of ideas in my head, But I'm hoping to make this a good one!

All of you stay floofy and Have a good evening.

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