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20 October 2014 at 15:56:02 MDT

And from the illustrious R.S. Dawgstein:

Beep! Bwaaap! Weather alert crawler!

The National Weather Service has issued a Macro Cervine storm emergency for the upper tri-state region.
At 2 pm, Doppler radar detected the progressive formation of a Cervine Derecho lying down with antlered head heading for Everyville.

This storm contains snort generated winds in excess of 95 mph. Damaging winds, massive destruction from drool deluges, district wide hoof nail impacts and muzzle avalanches are expected.

Seek Shelter immediately! This is a massive macro deer generated storm.

Beeeep! Bwaaaaap!


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    you really nailed the sense of size here, especially with how you worked in the clouds and all IT'S TERRIFYING