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hey i'm cy and I'm in love with 70s musicians.
My favorite band is Supertramp, followed by Budgie. expect lots of fanart.
I love Roger Hodgson with all my heart and I am burke shelley incarnate



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on 24 October 2014 at 19:45:41 MDT

i completely forgot about weasyl... and decided i should probably start posting here again. a lot has changed in the year or so i've been gone, so i'm gonna be revamping a bunch of things! and identity things! HELL YEAH

also, expect lots of rockstars. yes. and possibly slash.... of rockstars.

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    Hey! I remember you! 8D

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    God i LOVE your style. ;u;

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    EEE OKAY but i'm only posting my new art!! you should see some more in the near future if i can get my butt off and stop playing mmos omfg

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      wow im an idiot

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        you will never recover from this faux pas