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I'm pretty inactive here lately, sorry everyone. I'll be more active at the above places!

They say raccoons are just little thieves who sneak around in the darkness and eat garbage. I'm here to tell you that's not true.

I eat other stuff, too. Sometimes.



Latest Journal

[Commissioners please read] Properly Employed Raccoon is go~

Hey all! Sorry for the sorta radio silence, but I've been a mess of moving and being busy with this and that for months now. Now, it's time for things to settle down. Yup, got myself a job! And a decently nice one, at that~

I have a full-time salaried position now, so I'm earning easily 2x the theoretical maximum I could have been making off commissions, and.. yeah, not having as much free time on weekdays. I haven't worked out fully yet what I plan on doing as far as commission prices go, but for now they'll remain about the same. I'll just be taking a lot less of them. From now on I'll likely only be taking commissions from those who have longer-term projects going with me, and ideas I personally would like to do. I still have game projects going on and would like to continue doing personal art more often, so commissions are dropping lower on the priority list now.

If you have a commission queued up with me: Let me know if you're still interested and what the idea is if you haven't yet. I plan on fulfilling any already existing commission requests, as well as any WIPs of course.

If you want a commission from me: You're always still free to ask, though I'll be a lot more selective what ideas I actually take on now. If you got a pretty good idea or something you'd think I'll like, it's more likely you could get in the queue! But for the most part I think commissions are take longer to finish, so be ready for a maybe 3 month wait. Of course, as usual, I don't take payment until you've approved the sketch at least! I'm not planning on getting any less professional or responsible with commissions~

It's hard to say what my future holds at this point. I've been fighting just to stay above the rising tides for so long, the thought of finally having stability sounds amazing. I still haven't fully wrapped my head around it. It's too bad the job has so little to do with my artistic or creative work, but I'll find the time to explore and express myself, still. I value the art, the characters, the creativity, the fandom, you guys... all of this, too much to just let it fester and decay~

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Stuff I do

Single character digital art
from $ 15.00
to $ 60.00

If you are unable to view commission prices there:

Sketches are $15 (+10 per extra character)
Inked and colored is $30 (+20)
Fully shaded is $40 (+25)
And high detail level shaded is $60 (+30)

Add a basic background for $20 or high detailed one for $50, otherwise very simple/no backgrounds are free~

I'm open to doing a lot of different stuff, just ask if you're unsure!



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    Hi there

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    I've started following your trend and ended up doing bad ends based on the Elder Scrolls universe. It's also because I'm playing Oblivion a lot these days. XD