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after a long day drawing fin by RUdragon

after a long day drawing fin


this is qwite old but alot of pepz like it any ways ENJOY^^ )<<<<< to see the perspective of this pic)

this should not take 5 day to make,*GRRRrrr* hate being bizzy with other stuff>,<

ok now this is me" well my FURSONA, this my life in away, draw, draw, draw, play a little video games, eat a bit and back to drawing, and i wish i lived on my own, not yet BUM~

other then drawing i sk8 board, bmx, scooter( all do trix in, thow have not done it for a long time so i may be a bit rust-ty. origami, collect manga and anime, do some animation, make manga/comics, and a carefree person, that likez hip-hop and goth stuff^^ ........and a bit horny ;3<3

i love to eat alot but when there needs to be a pic done i skip the meal till i finish it.

so just to say im doing commissions, i needs the money, to finish projects and buy a better computer THANXZ^^


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    I love this whole fish-eye scene concept, it's very nice, and I like the aspect! I need to commission you...hurry up and open! >8C

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    Hey, good job with the fisheye lens! The warm colour scheme is pretty rad too, as are the many details here.

    Also, hey, I see Sting Chameleon!

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    I simply love the perspective! I'm impressed by all of the details in this picture ^^

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    This is beautiful, like most of your art.

    The perspective is awesome.

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    I love how the curved perspective seems to emphasise the exhaustion after a day's work. I've definitely felt like this, uuugh.