Hello there! I am slate furry thing named Taylor. I am a 27 year old freelance artist living in New Zealand.

I have a Diploma in Art and Creativity majoring in CG and Design, Certificate in Web Design and Writing, and are now currently trying to work towards telling my stories and getting some form of income from what I love doing.

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on 4 October 2015 at 20:26:31 MDT

Lets try this commissions thing.

These are the details as on my site, I also added "painterly" to this, though I'm not sure how much of that I'll do.

In brief: I'll draw fluff, squeak, transformation, maybe humans. I won't: Do NSFW stuff, though suggestive stuff is possible. Fan-art is also dependant on how I feel about the subject/character.

Commenting here, Twitter, or email about it should be fine.

Slots (as of August 2016)

  • Fijut
  • ...
  • ...

I'll add more slots at my discretion, though I'll do my best to not backlog myself. .> .>;

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    It's just me. Nothing special. :E

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    awww hi tayruu! htank you!!

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    your new name is Gerbil Tamer

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      Why the heck would it be that?

      ... oh, I think I see what you did.

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    Thank you for the follow!

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    thank you so much for watching me! <3

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    Well I guess I better start using this site again now that you're on it.

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