Hey there! Tessa Wind here!
My sister Libra-Dragoness and I joined this site together many years ago!

This account isn't too terribly active, but I drop by on occasion! If you want to follow my art, drop by my deviantART sometime! I've got a Kirby comic series live right now called "Dreams of the Stars"! It's set just a month after the events of Kirby Star Allies, and follows my own cast of characters along with some canon characters making appearances. If folks here on Weasyl are interested, I may start posting pages here too! But for now, they're on my deviantART and DotS' official Twitter!

Want to take a look at my comic series? Pop by my dA! You can find the link in my hex nav on the left!

For more in-depth content, including WIPs and even gameplay shenanigans from yours truly on my main Twitter!
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Been too long!

on 6 May 2019 at 21:55:06 MDT

Woah, been far too long, eh Weasyl?

Geeze, I haven't touched this account in easily three years, what the heck--
Anyhow, for those still following me somehow and have retained interest in my work, I've got a ton of brand spankin' new content to share, including an explosion of comic art! <3

I've nestled myself into the Kirby fandom quite nicely, starting off with a bang with my fun comic series, Dreams of the Stars ! It stars a young mysterious, yet adorable Puff named Twyla who finds herself connected to a forgotten darkness from 300 years ago. We follow her journey to uncover secrets from the war with Nightmare; secrets of betrayal, conspiracy, forbidden arts... and even secrets about herself.

DotS is one heck of a journey, and it has a progressively deepening plot that'll keep you guessing, as well keep you on your toes. What you may predict may not be what'll happen, and what you doubt may just be the truth... Which has been the case with many of DotS readers already!

Me and my co-writer, FayeleneFyre, have designed DotS to be a spiritual successor to the Hoshi no Kabii (ergo Kirby: Right Back at Ya!) anime, but with a twist and fused with Kirby game story/lore!

Working on this project has been a blessing to my life, and the greatest joy I've had in a long time! It's a pleasure and an honor to share it with everyone on dA and Twitter, and possibly here too if anyone shows interest. :D

If you're a follower of mine form many platforms, feel free to give me a poke there if you'd like to see DotS here on Weasyl!

Anyhow, thank you all for reading! I'm not sure if I have much of a following here any longer, but I'm willing to share my latest content on this platform anytime! ouo7

With love and heart,
Tessa Wind

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