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Hey there! Tessa Wind here!
My sister Libra-Dragoness and I joined this site together many years ago!

If you want to follow my art, drop by my deviantART sometime! I've got a Kirby comic series live right now called "Dreams of the Stars"! It's set just a month after the events of Kirby Star Allies, and follows my own cast of characters along with some canon characters making appearances. In light of DeviantART's Eclipse upgrade, I'm sharing DotS Ep2 and following here as well! If you want to read the Prologue or Episode 1, drop by my DeviantART or DotS' official Twitter account!

Want to take a look at my comic series? Pop by my dA!

For more in-depth content, including WIPs and even gameplay shenanigans from yours truly on my main Twitter!
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YouTube channel coming live soon!

Latest Journal

Making a Comeback!

Hey gang! Took me a year to get back here omg. XD With DeviantART in a huge mess right now, I figured it's time to dust off my account here so then any of my readers that are abandoning DeviantART can still enjoy my work here!

I do apologize in advance though-- it might take me longer than usual to upload my pages than on DA (my home site), because I have them automatically set up due to the fact that I'm very busy IRL with my art and especially my day job at a grocery store. Since I can't do the same here, it'll be rusty like DotS' official Twitter account. (I'm catching up though!) I'm trying to convince FayeleneFyre (my co-writer) to take up the mantle with DotS' Twitter so then she can keep up the page postings there for me until I can do it myself again ghfdkjgdfkjh

Either way, I'll be posting Ep2 and onward on here! Mainly because I sadly don't have the time to upload 114 pages from the previous two episodes, so if you want to get caught up on what's up with DotS, you're welcome to read it on Twitter or DeviantArt! I'll provide links below!

Dreams of the Stars on DeviantART:

DotS Ep0:
DotS Ep1:

Thank you all so much for your patience and support of my work! ;u;/

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    thanks for following! i like your icon a lot

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      No problem! Ahhh, thank you so much! I made it myself! <3 I'm honored that you like it. ;u;

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    Thanks so much for the follow!

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    Well thanks for the follow~! Glad that you like my stuff <3

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      No problem! :D
      Your stuff is awesome...!

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    Tessa... I stalk you to the ends of the earth, and by that I mean I have cake, want some?

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      Yes, I would like some cake.
      Wai- HOLD UP!
      Cake is a lieeeeee eAe