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Ep2- Sands of Bygone Hours Pg0 by BlazingStarO

Ep2- Sands of Bygone Hours Pg0


23 May 2020 at 15:12:46 MDT

Time flows akin to sand in a glass, and such old memories become buried under the new. To dive so deep into the mound could spell one's doom if they do not tread with care. A young star makes such a dive, yet how far is too deep? The youthful Knight Twyla will soon find out.

Twyla, a child surrounded by mystery, seeks answers by diving into Sir Meta Knight's past and ultimately that of her people, the Dream Puffs. In the midst of her search, she finds herself whisked away into a dangerous mission alongside the Lone Swordsman. Is the peril worth her answers?
Yet the question remains...

How far is too deep?

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Due to day job related delays including work-related injury recovery, Page 1 has been pushed to June 1st to grant me more time to finish more pages. Afterwards I will double post until I am back on my written schedule! I sincerely apologize for the wait. Work likes to call me in on my off days. X'D

What awaits her, swirling in the mists of time long past? Though she should tread lightly, for venturing too deep into the sands may bring her to sink...

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