''Oh My Life'' comic sneak-peak! by BlazingStarO

''Oh My Life'' comic sneak-peak!


18 September 2016 at 17:25:09 MDT

It's been a while since I last uploaded here, ehe! I'm lookin' to move here a bit more permanently, so expect more finished works to follow. The bouncer tiger is a random character, while the other is in fact my sona, whom of which shares my pen name and acts as my fictitious avatar. New sketch format, yay!

  • "Oh My Life" is a comic panel series that I have started as a way to challenge myself and my damaged arm in hopes of getting it back up to strength for my future projects. On occasion I'll write a joke and illustrate it in a comic-strip format that varies in design. These comical skits are typically plays on my own personal struggles, as well that of voluntary friends, and makes a good amount of harmless fun of said struggles.

About this sketch:
In this 5-panel comic, I've decided to challenge myself to go with a more cartoon-esque style attest to my more realistically anatomy style (which is often mistaken for Anime). While my usual is still fairly toony, I get a little obsessive with the details. In this I wanted to do something that seemed a bit more Disney, ergo animation friendly!
What do you think? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

This is a work in progress!

The finished product will both be posted here, and on my deviantART: BlazingStarO

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